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If the operation hadn’t been ———–successful, her condition would have been very ——– worse by now.

A. such/ far

B. little/ more

C. rather/ a lot of

D. so/ much

E. as/ many

The writer was——– fond of him———- when she was widowed, she followed him back to Philadelphia after the revolution.

A. too/ than

B. more/ than

C. as/ as

D. such/ that

E. so/ that

A new study show that brain circuitry makes some people ——– susceptible to becoming addicts when compared with others.

A. as

B. more

C. the most

D. such

E. enough

Swanson identified magnesium deficiency ———- a casual agent in the occurrence of migraine headaches.

A. such as

B. like

C. so

D. too

E. as

People have developed strategies for combating forgetfulness ———— messages scribbled on post-it notes, electronic address books carried in devices.

A. as well

B. so that

C. such as

D. either

E. even

The disease Anorexia Nervosa is encountered in the West and is ——— common among women in certain professions, such as models and ballet dancers.

A. enough

B. such

C. as

D. more

E. a lot of

Most children with autism either become overwhelmed by———– sensory stimulation, or get frustrated.

A. as well

B. as many as

C. far best

D. too much

E. the more

It was——— boring a book———– the students didn’t want to read it once more.

A. such/ that

B. as/as

C. very/ that

D. so/ as

E. so/ that

The articles which have been published in respected publications have sparkled a national debate on whether children have ——— homework or not.

A. as

B. too

C. more

D. enough

E. such

The human population has swelled ———- much ———— people alive today outnumber all those who have ever lived.

A. so/ that

B. such/ that

C. too/to

D. enough/ to

E. as/ as

The back wheel of a bicycle bears ————weight ——- the front wheel.

A. as/ as

B. such/ that

C. much/ with

D. same/ like

E. more/ than

It’s regarded as the best hotel in town.———— famous people ———— the Prince of Wales have stayed there so far.

A. Like/ that

B. More/ as

C. As/ as

D. So/ just

E. Such/ as

The professor in literature exemplifies his views in a number of poems ——- “The Mountain.”

A. as

B. too

C. enough

D. such as

E. such that

According to Steinhardt ———- explicit the image is————- the technology is for actually detecting weapons using a satellite in a warfare.

A. the best/ the best

B. more/ better

C. the more/ the better

D. so/ that

E. such / that

When cars came into fashion later in his life, he disliked them ——- much because of their noise and fumes ——— he refused to have one.

A. too/ which

B. as/ as

C. rather/ so

D. so/ that

E. so/ yet

Some news has reported that the professor’s results have really been ——- high ——- one in a million, which the statistician denies.

A. such/ that

B. as/ as

C. so/ that

D. too/ to

E. so/ as to

There is certainly ———- more under-farmed or badly- farmed land in the world ——– well-farmed land.

A. much/ than

B. so/ as

C. either/ or

D. even/ such as

E. rather/ such

Because his ideas taught the world much——— had ever been known about humanity, he came to be regarded as the principal authority on the subject.

A. so much as

B. as many as

C. more than

D. too much

E. the most

Although no two language courses are organized in exactly ——– way, nearly all of them use the same type of system, materials and curriculum.

A. as

B. too

C. the more

D. the same

E. like

As a general rule psychotherapies are——- effective—— medication for the treatment of mild depression.

A. as/ as

B. so/ that

C. such/ that

D. too/ to

E. such/ as


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