Grammar Quiz

Adjective or Adverb Quiz


It’s important to be …

A. successful

B. successfully

C. successfuly

When someone criticises you, you should react …

A. friendly

B. friendlily

C. in a friendly way

Sugar is ______ for you.

A. bad

B. badly

He drives very _________.

A. carefully

B. careful

Please, read this text _________.

A. careful

B. carefully

My friends say that I sing very _______.

A. badly

B. bad

They work very _______.

A. hard

B. hardly

I can speak French very _______.

A. good

B. well

I slept ________ last night.

A. terrible

B. terribly

My friends say that I’m a very ______ singer.

A. bad

B. badly

They ran ______ to the police station.

A. quick

B. quickly

My dad is a _______ driver.

A. carefully

B. careful

If someone does not treat you …

A. respectful

B. respectfuly

C. respectfully

D. good

It’s important to live …

A. happy

B. happily

C. happyli

D. happilly

Jake swims very _______.

A. fastly

B. fast

Live your life …

A. passionate

B. passionately

C. passionatelly

D. with passionate

He is an _______ person.

A. awful

B. awfully

He should pass the test _______.

A. easily

B. easy

The music is too ______. Please, turn it down!

A. loud

B. loudly

The match finished very _______.

A. late

B. lately

Try to be kind to the people who are not very …

A. fortunate

B. fortunately

C. fortunatelly

The test was very _______.

A. easily

B. easy

He looked at me ________.

A. angry

B. angrily

Please, hold that plate …

A. careful

B. carefuly

C. carefully

My sister speaks English really …

A. good

B. well

C. better


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