Grammar Quiz

Adjective Order Quiz


Last week, I visited a … in a remote place

A. lovely village old little

B. old little village lovely

C. lovely little old village

D. village old little lovely

It’s close to the ________ building.

A. big blue

B. blue big

She only wears ________ clothes.

A. designer expensive

B. expensive designer

I saw an …. with friends at home.

A. interesting old american movie

B. movie interesting old american

C. american interesting old movie

D. movie american old interesting

I used to drive ________ car.

A. a blue old German

B. an old German blue

C. an old blue German

The ________ sweater is very warm.

A. wool Italian

B. Italian wool

John was given an adorable little black kitten by his sister. the phrases consist of

A. size – shape – color

B. opinion – shape – color

C. opinion – color – material

D. opinion – size – color

He was wearing a ________ shirt

A. dirty old flannel

B. flannel old dirty

C. old dirty flannel

She gave him a ________ vase.

A. small Egyptian black

B. small black Egyptian

C. black Egyptian small

A shiny new Italian sports car was parked opposite my house

A. car new Italian shiny sport

B. new car Italian shiny sport

C. sport Italian shiny new car

D. shiny new Italian sport car

At home there is …. in the dining room.

A. square table beautiful wooden

B. table beautiful wooden square

C. beautiful square wooden table

D. table beautiful square wooden

My daughter has ….

A. long hair beautiful black

B. beautiful long black hair

C. hair long beautiful black

D. black long hair beautiful

Hans is a ________ architect.

A. successful German

B. German successful

He sat behind a ________ desk.

A. big wooden brown

B. big brown wooden

C. wooden big brown

All the girls fell in love with the ________ teacher.

A. handsome new American

B. American new handsome

C. new handsome American

handsome young Aussie man, the right adjective in series is…

A. opinion – age – Origin

B. opinion – size – material

C. size – shape – Origin

D. opinion – age – material

The sculpture has an ________ shape.

A. square interesting

B. interesting square

which one is constructed by Opinion, Size, and Material from phrase below

A. expensive oval leather ball

B. luxury tiny diamond ring

C. beautiful new cotton T-shirt

D. big square wooden table

which one is constructed by Opinion, shape, age and Origin from phrase below

A. beautiful huge new Indonesian woman

B. unique square old french painting

C. ugly small young American boy

D. spooky big old tree

Pass me the ________ cups.

A. plastic big blue

B. big blue plastic

C. big plastic blue


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