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Adjectives Quiz


Which is the correct order?

A. Your great idea is.

B. Your idea is great.

C. Great your idea is.

D. Your idea great is.

Which is the correct order?

A. She an exceptional student is.

B. She is a student exceptional.

C. She is an exceptional student.

D. She a student exceptional is.

Our holidays _____ .

A. are fantastics

B. are fantastic

C. fantastic are

Which is the correct order?

A. That restaurant very dirty is.

B. That is a restaurant very dirty.

C. Very dirty is that restaurant.

D. That restaurant is very dirty.

Her eyes _____ .

A. are blues

B. are blue

C. blue are

These are _____ .

A. important documents

B. documents importants

C. documents important

He has _____ .

A. a job interesting

B. an interesting job

John has problems at home.

A. Are good his marks?

B. Are his marks good?

C. Are goods his marks?

Which is the correct order?

A. Is this shirt Italian?

B. Is Italian this shirt?

C. This shirt Italian is?

D. This shirt is Italian?

_____ in their new house?

A. Are happy they

B. Are they happy

C. Are they happies

Their project _____ .

A. tastes interesting

B. sounds interesting

C. interesting looks

Which is the correct order?

A. He a Korean car has.

B. He has a Korean car.

C. He has a car Korean.

D. A car Korean he has.

With this makeup, your eyes _____ .

A. different look

B. look different

C. look differents

These cookies _____ .

A. excellent are

B. are excellents

C. are excellent

Sit down. You _____ .

A. look tired

B. tired look

C. smell tired


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