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Adjectives Quiz


What are the adjectives?
His youthful mother loves his candor.

A. his, candor

B. youthful, his, candor

C. youthful

D. his, youthful, his

The …… thing of all was that his son was rude to him.

A. bad

B. worse

C. worst

He sat there, ______ as a statue, and tried not to make a sound.

A. still

B. stiller

C. stillest

D. more still

Which is the correct order?

A. Is this shirt Italian?

B. Is Italian this shirt?

C. This shirt Italian is?

D. This shirt is Italian?

He is much ….. now.

A. good

B. better

C. best

John has problems at home.

A. Are good his marks?

B. Are his marks good?

C. Are goods his marks?

He is ……….. than his neigbours.

A. rich

B. richer

C. richest

Which is the correct order?

A. She an exceptional student is.

B. She is a student exceptional.

C. She is an exceptional student.

D. She a student exceptional is.

The butterfly is a ________ insect.

A. round

B. sound

C. colourful

This is _______ seat in the hotel lounge.

A. comfortable

B. more comfortable

C. most comfortable

D. the most comfortable

Ignoring the article (The), find the adjective:
“The sweet mango was given to us.”

A. Mango

B. was

C. sweet

D. us

Which is the correct order?

A. Your great idea is.

B. Your idea is great.

C. Great your idea is.

D. Your idea great is.

What are the adjectives?
Every person wants to have a fabulous career and a stable income.

A. career, income

B. person, have

C. every, fabulous, stable

D. every, stable, career

The assembly in the cafeteria was loud.

A. assembly

B. loud

C. cafeteria

D. was

The crispitos at lunch were crunchy.

A. crispitos

B. lunch

C. crunchy

D. were

That bowl of _______ soup makes me really hungry!

A. hot, chicken, delicious

B. chicken, hot, delicious

C. delicious, hot, chicken

D. delicious, chicken, hot

To make this special cake, you need the _______ eggs you can find.

A. fresher

B. freshest

C. more fresh

D. most fresh

The brown glasses belong to Mrs. Barth.

A. brown

B. glasses

C. belong

D. Mrs. Barth

The attendance bell goes off at 9:00 a.m.

A. attendance

B. bell

C. off

D. goes

After her illness, Diya has become very __________

A. tall

B. strong

C. weak

Mr. Coley has a strong voice.

A. voice

B. strong

C. has

D. Mr. Coley

“This is surely the _______ day of my life!” he moaned.,

A. bad

B. worse

C. worst

D. badly

Mr. Sepolen teaches fun lessons.

A. fun

B. Mr. Sepolen

C. teaches

D. lessons

What are the adjectives?
The other person gawked at Lidia due to her brightly colored dress.

A. other, gawked, her

B. other, her, colored

C. her, colored

D. other, her, dress

These chips are very _________ .

A. fair

B. salty

C. smooth


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