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“This is surely the _______ day of my life!” he moaned.,

A. bad

B. worse

C. worst

D. badly

The shark toilet must have been the most surprising part of their journey.

A. shark

B. their

C. surprising

D. all of the choices

What are the adjectives?
Every person wants to have a fabulous career and a stable income.

A. career, income

B. person, have

C. every, fabulous, stable

D. every, stable, career

Mrs. Barth and Ms. Davis believe that math is awesome.

A. Barth

B. Davis

C. believe

D. awesome

Mrs. Cusano believes reading is the best subject.

A. believes

B. reading

C. best

D. subject

Mr. Sepolen teaches fun lessons.

A. fun

B. Mr. Sepolen

C. teaches

D. lessons

These grapes are quite _______compared with those I bought yesterday.

A. sweet

B. sweeter

C. sweetest

D. sweetly

The _______ little kitten is hiding under the car.

A. terrified

B. scared

C. afraid

D. frightened

John has problems at home.

A. Are good his marks?

B. Are his marks good?

C. Are goods his marks?

The brown glasses belong to Mrs. Barth.

A. brown

B. glasses

C. belong

D. Mrs. Barth

He fishes with …….. success than I do.

A. great

B. greater

C. greatest

The three boys skipped school to visit their sick teacher.

A. boys

B. three, sick

C. skipped, visit

D. teacher

These are _____ .

A. important documents

B. documents importants

C. documents important

Her grandparents live in a _______ house in the country.

A. lovely,little,brick

B. brick,little,lovely

C. little,brick,lovely

D. lovely, brick, little

Sit down. You _____ .

A. look tired

B. tired look

C. smell tired

Mrs. Cusano loves to read scary books.

A. loves

B. Mrs. Cusano

C. read

D. scary

That bowl of _______ soup makes me really hungry!

A. hot, chicken, delicious

B. chicken, hot, delicious

C. delicious, hot, chicken

D. delicious, chicken, hot

Their project _____ .

A. tastes interesting

B. sounds interesting

C. interesting looks

Our poster has to be cut into four squares.

A. poster

B. four

C. cut

D. squares

What are the adjectives?
Mean old witches are the villains in many other stories.

A. mean, old, other

B. old, villains, many

C. mean, old

D. mean, old, many, other

We were loud in the hallway, so we got into trouble.

A. loud

B. hallway

C. we

D. trouble

This is _______ seat in the hotel lounge.

A. comfortable

B. more comfortable

C. most comfortable

D. the most comfortable

The Qutub Minar is a ______________ monument.

A. shiny

B. square

C. magnificient.

Which is the correct order?

A. He a Korean car has.

B. He has a Korean car.

C. He has a car Korean.

D. A car Korean he has.

The crispitos at lunch were crunchy.

A. crispitos

B. lunch

C. crunchy

D. were


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