Grammar Quiz

Adjectives and Adverbs Quiz


The work that my boss gave me was _____.

A. easy

B. easily

I have been living _______ for the past few months.

A. happily

B. happy

He looked ______

A. angry

B. angrily

The car is not working ________

A. properly

B. proper

They have answered ________ to all his questions.

A. brave

B. bravely

Mr. Smith looked _____ at me when I arrived late.

A. angry

B. angrily

The numbers are _______ increasing.

A. slow

B. slowly

My classmate is a _____ person.

A. Nice

B. Nicely

It would be ______ to talk to the guy who is _______ in the house.

A. interested / interesting

B. interesting / interested

I can speak Spanish very _____.

A. well

B. good

My friends all tell me that I sing _____.

A. bad

B. badly

I am being super _____, sorry about it.

A. clumsily

B. clumsy

I was feeling really __________ the other day.

A. frightened

B. frightening

Of course, I was _____ when I got an A+ on the exam.

A. happy

B. happily

I am ________ by how much you managed to do.

A. amazed

B. amazing

The thief _____ took the money and walked out the door.

A. quietly

B. quiet

The cat waited _____ for the mouse to come out of the hole.

A. silent

B. silently

You better get moving, everyone is trying to buy the ______ car.

A. newly

B. new

My wrist is _______ broken

A. serious

B. seriously

What a _______ way to interrupt!

A. nice

B. nicely

Katrina took a painting class, so she can paint _____ pictures.

A. beautiful

B. beautifully

The music is too _____. Please turn it down!

A. loud

B. loudly

My cousin always walks very _____.

A. quick

B. quickly

I can run pretty ______

A. good

B. well

Thomas is very _____. He always helps me.

A. kind

B. kindly


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