Grammar Quiz

Adjectives and Adverbs Quiz


I can speak Spanish very _____.

A. well

B. good

Identify the adverb in the following sentence.

Recently, we went to a Broadway show.

A. show

B. Broadway

C. recently

D. went

She is the most _____ person I know.

A. polite

B. politely

You better get moving, everyone is trying to buy the ______ car.

A. newly

B. new

Of all the sports, swimming is the one that uses oxygen (rapidly)

A. most rapidly

B. more rapidly

C. rapidest

D. rapider

Thomas is very _____. He always helps me.

A. kind

B. kindly

The bed in the hotel was incredibly _________. I hardly slept at all.

A. comfortable

B. uncomfortable

C. comfortably

D. uncomfortably

I can run pretty ______

A. good

B. well

Eventually, we made it to the park.

A. eventually

B. made

C. we

D. park

The roads will be very icy tonight, so drive _______

A. careful

B. careless

C. carefully

D. carelessly

The thief _____ took the money and walked out the door.

A. quietly

B. quiet

Jack is a very ________driver! He can’t stand being behind someone who is driving slowly.

A. patient

B. impatient

C. impatiently

D. patiently

It was a bad accident, but _________nobody was seriously hurt.

A. lucky

B. unlucky

C. luckily

D. unluckily

The numbers are _______ increasing.

A. slow

B. slowly

The fireman _____ rescued the people from the burning house.

A. bravely

B. brave

The little boy _____ kept the cookie for himself.

A. selfish

B. selfishly

The car is not working ________

A. properly

B. proper

The work that my boss gave me was _____.

A. easy

B. easily

Identify the adjective in the following sentence.

The boy made a loud noise.

A. boy

B. made

C. noise

D. loud

Select the correct form of the adverb in (parentheses) in the sentence below.

Tom usually arrives (early) than Jason.

A. earlier

B. earliest

C. most early

D. more earlier

Can you ________  run to the shop for me?

A. quick

B. quickly

________ she can’t drive, she has a car.

A. Even

B. Even when

C. Even if

D. Even though

The cat waited _____ for the mouse to come out of the hole.

A. silent

B. silently

I _____ offered to help my friend study for his exam.

A. happy

B. happily

It was midnight, and I heard a _____ noise outside.

A. strange

B. strangely


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