Grammar Quiz

Adjectives and Degrees Quiz


January is ……. than May.

A. cold

B. colder

C. coldier

D. coldest

Eating a variety of healthy foods is sensible than going on a strict diet

A. Correct

B. Incorrect

C. Maybe

Football is ………….. than tennis.

A. popular

B. the most popular

C. popularere

D. more popular

Fill in the blanks with an adjective as directed.
_____ hand has five fingers. (Distributive Adjective)

A. Each

B. His

Fill in the blanks with an adjective as directed.
Please give me _____ book. (Demonstrative Adjective)

A. that

B. some

Complete the sentence by using the correct form of the word in the bracket. Ravi is _____ at tennis than Shakoor. (good)

A. bad

B. better

C. less

D. least

Travelling by car is fast. Travelling by train is faster. Travelling by plane is _____________.

A. more fast.

B. most fast.

C. fastest.

D. the fastest.

This hotel is big, but Grand Hotel is __________ and the airport hotel is the biggest.

A. bigger.

B. more big.

C. most big.

D. the biggest.

Sue is ………… at English than me.

A. better

B. gooder

C. good

D. the best

The lilac bush outside my bedroom window is the  most fragrant bush in our yard, and it attracts many bees and butterflies.

A. Correct

B. Incorrect

C. Maybe


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