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Adjectives and Pronouns Quiz


You must do your homework first, before you help them do _____.( Fill in the blank with an appropriate Possessive Pronoun )

A. their

B. theirs

C. thiers

A year has twelve months. (Identify the type of adjective for ‘twelve’)

A. definite numeral adjective

B. indefinite numeral adjective

C. adjective of quantity

_____are the cars, that I bought from the showroom. ( Fill in the blank with an appropriate Pronoun )

A. Where

B. This

C. Those

There were three mistakes in your answer sheet. Identify the adjectives in the sentence.

A. three – Indefinite Numeral Adjective

B. three – Definite Numeral Adjective, your – Possessive Adjective

C. three – Adjective of Number, there – Possessive Adjective

Is a blade _____than a knife? (sharp)

A. sharp

B. sharper

C. the sharpest

Who gave you this book? (Identify the Adjective and its type.)

A. Who – interrogative adjective

B. this – demonstrative adjective

C. you – Possessive Adjective

The annoyed tenant complained to the landlord about the leakage problem. Pick out the Participial Adjective in this sentence.

A. complained

B. annoyed

C. leakage

Many students attended that fair. In this sentence ‘that’ is a _______.

A. Demonstrative Adjective

B. Demonstrative Pronoun

C. Possessive Adjective

______has left their shoes outside ? ( Fill in the blank with an appropriate Interrogative Pronoun)

A. Whom

B. Who

C. Whom

Please give ______(I, me) the message for ____(him, he)

A. I, him

B. me, he

C. me, him

D. I, he

That is the teacher who used to live next door. Identify the underlined word.

A. who – Interrogative Pronoun

B. who – Relative Adjective

C. who – Relative Pronoun

Rohan cut _____when he was sharpening the knife. (Fill in the blank with an appropriate Reflexive Pronoun)

A. himself

B. himselves

C. him

We took great care of ourselves when we went camping yesterday. Identify the underlined Pronoun

A. Emphatic Pronoun

B. Relative Pronoun

C. Reflexive Pronoun

Which house is yours ? ( Identify the Pronoun and Adjective in this sentence)

A. Which- Interrogative Pronoun, yours – Possessive Adjective)

B. Which – Interrogative Pronoun, yours – Possessive Pronoun

C. Which- Interrogative Adjective, yours – Possessive Pronoun

These are the best shoes I have ever worn. ( Choose the correct option)

A. These – Demonstrative Adjective

B. These – Demonstrative Pronoun


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