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Adjectives and Vocabulary Quiz


All of the following are disposable EXCEPT

A. Paper plates

B. Televisions

C. Napkins

D. Newspapers

Profitable means

A. to get in shape

B. able to make money or get better at something

C. an athlete

D. to throw something away

Which is the adjective? The melon was large and sweet.

A. large

B. melon

C. large, sweet

D. the

Which is the adjective? Little work can be done on the project now

A. project

B. work

C. now

D. little

Which is the adjective? Because she was energetic, Sally jogged for two hours.

A. was

B. Sally

C. energetic, two

D. Because

Complete the question.

I understand that you were late yesterday because of the bus. Your excuse is ​ ​ _

A. understandable

B. understand

Which word BEST completes the sentence?

Be careful! Those glasses are ______________

A. breakable

B. break

C. breaked

The students are surprised by the sudden rain.

Surprised is a(n) ___________.

A. noun

B. verb

C. adjective

A word that describes a noun or a pronoun is …

A. noun

B. verb

C. adjective

D. preposition

My salon is very profitable.

Profitable is a(n) ___________.

A. noun

B. verb

C. adjective

My mother persaudes me to clean the house.

Persuades is a(n) _____________.

A. noun

B. verb

C. adjective

Which is the adjective? Diego is popular with the little kids.

A. popular, little

B. Diego

C. is

D. popular

Which is the adjective? The woman seems worried about her sick children.

A. woman

B. seems

C. sick

D. worried, sick

A group of letters at the end of a word is a

A. suffix

B. adjective

C. superlative

D. preposition

All the of the following are synonyms EXCEPT

A. argue/ persuade

B. convince/comfort

C. convince/ argue

D. appeal/ convince

The suffix – able means

A. someone who cannot do anything

B. a person who talks a lot

C. someone who is handicapped

D. someone who can do or be something


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