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Adverb Quiz


Father scolded Nani because she ________________ in the examination.

A. failed badly

B. answered correctly

C. sang sweetly

D. slept soundly

I’d like _________ buy a new cell phone.

A. too

B. to

C. two

The roast beef tastes ___________ today than yesterday.

A. delicious

B. deliciously

C. more delicious

D. more deliciously

On hearing the news, Ali left the party __________________.

A. slowly

B. cleverly

C. seriously

D. hurriedly

The accident was caused by people driving too _______ in bad conditions.

A. fast

B. fastly

She still goes to the office every day. _______, she hasn’t retired yet.

A. Apparently

B. Hopefully

C. Personally

D. Luckily

An adverb describes

A. a noun

B. a verb

C. an adjective

Alexa sings _____________ (sweet) on the stage

A. sweetly

B. sweetyly

C. sweetily

She cried ________ when her pet dog died.

A. softly

B. strongly

C. bitterly

D. broadly

He became a champion because he ran the distance __________ of all.

A. much faster

B. faster

C. still faster

D. fastest

I won __________ prizes at the fair. 

A. two

B. too

C. to

I saw the beautiful hotel and knew _____ that we’d have a great holiday.

A. finally

B. at once

C. afterward

D. suddenly

I can speak English ________.

A. accurate

B. creative

C. fluently

D. fluent

Cross the road _____.

A. carelessly

B. carefully

C. caringly

D. cruelly

 I wish I could go _________ the game tonight. 

A. to

B. two

C. too

Your voice sounds __________.

A. quietly

B. more quietly

C. quiet

D. much more quietly

Every student needs special attention. That’s why ______ students are more successful when the class size is small.

A. Generally

B. Hopefully

C. Personally

D. Luckily

A seven-year-old boy jumped out of a second-floor window. ______, he did not hurt badly.

A. Obviously

B. Luckily

C. Unfortunately

D. Personally

He is ___ shy to talk to the girl.

A. to

B. rather

C. too

D. also

The wind is blowing _______ now.

A. hardly

B. hardliest

C. hardlier

D. hard

What is the adverb?

She bought an expensive necklace cheaply.

A. bought

B. an

C. expensive

D. cheaply

Professor Peyton is _______________ known in scientific circles.

A. widely

B. wide

C. wider

D. widest

Come ______________________ to get a better view of the animal.

A. easily

B. closely

C. immediately

D. carefully

What is the adverb in the sentence?

Jackie went home often.

A. went

B. often

C. home

D. Jackie

What is the adverb in the sentence?
The teacher said, “Write your name neatly.”

A. said

B. neatly

C. name

D. write


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