Grammar Quiz

Adverb Quiz


Cross the road _____.

A. carelessly

B. carefully

C. caringly

D. cruelly

I like people who always look __________.

A. happily

B. happy

C. the happiest

D. happier

Your voice sounds __________.

A. quietly

B. more quietly

C. quiet

D. much more quietly

Mr. Lee waited ____ for his daughter to come out from the school.

A. soundly

B. confidently

C. patiently

D. correctly

The sun shone ____________ (bright) this morning.

A. brightness

B. brightly

C. super brightly

She cried ________ when her pet dog died.

A. softly

B. strongly

C. bitterly

D. broadly

Jane whispered ________ to Mary

A. softly

B. strongly

C. soundly

D. broadly

The teacher explained _________ to the pupils.

A. sadly

B. neatly

C. bitterly

D. clearly

He was __________________ dressed for the occasion.

A. carefully

B. smartly

C. prettily

The soldiers _________________ in the war.

A. sang sweetly

B. fought bravely

C. dressed smartly

D. spoke rudely

My aunt is a busy lady. She ________ cooks at home.

A. usually

B. never

C. seldom

D. always

There are __________ twelve million books in our library.

A. near

B. nearly

C. close

D. closely

He sat ________ in the park just now

A. carefully

B. softly

C. quietly

D. soundly

Mr Wong finished the job ____ to go home early.

A. slowly

B. vastly

C. recklessly

D. quickly

The girl shouted ________ when she saw that her room was in a mess.

A. softly

B. loudly

C. carefully

D. broadly

The wind is ________ blowing today.

A. hardly

B. hard

C. hardlier

D. hardliest

The roast beef tastes ___________ today than yesterday.

A. delicious

B. deliciously

C. more delicious

D. more deliciously

Malaysians _________ eat rice for lunch.

A. never

B. usually

C. is

D. are

The girl ________________________ to the music.

A. danced gracefully

B. smiled sweetly

C. dressed beautifully

The beautiful lady smiled ________ when she saw us.

A. softly

B. angrily

C. soundly

D. broadly

Father scolded Nani because she ________________ in the examination.

A. failed badly

B. answered correctly

C. sang sweetly

D. slept soundly

My family loves outing. We ________ have a picnic at the beach.

A. never

B. seldom

C. often

D. everyday

The wind is blowing _______ now.

A. hardly

B. hardliest

C. hardlier

D. hard

The milk is poured _________________ into the bottle.

A. carefully

B. bravely

C. carelessly

Come ______________________ to get a better view of the animal.

A. easily

B. closely

C. immediately

D. carefully


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