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Adverb and Noun Clauses Quiz


When ………………. is not known.

A. was the wheel invented

B. the invention of the wheel

C. inventing the wheel

D. the wheel was invented

For many years people have wondered ______ exists elsewhere in the universe.

A. that life

B. life which

C. whether life

D. life as it

………….. of all modern domestic poultry is the red jungle fowl is widely believed.

A. The ancestor

B. The ancestor is

C. How the ancestor

D. That the ancestor

Natural silk is still highly prized _______ similar artificial fabrics.

A. although is available

B. despite there are available

C. in spite of the availability of

D. even though an availability of

………………………are increasingly linked over long distances by electronic communications, but many of them still prefer face-to-face encounters.

A. Although people

B. Despite people

C. Today people

D. The fact that people

………..developed very rapidly in Alabama primarily because of its rich natural resources.

A. That heavy industry

B. Heavy industry

C. Heavy industry that was

D. When heavy industry

It was in 1875 ………….. joined the staff of the astronomical observatory at Harvard University.

A. that Anna Winlock

B. Anna Winlock, who

C. as Anna Winlock

D. Anna Winlock then

……………towards shore, its shape is changed by its collision with the shallow sea bottom.

A. During a wave rolls

B. As a wave rolls

C. A wave rolls

D. A wave’s rolling

Widely reproduced in magazines and books, ……..

A. Ansel Adams depicted the Western wilderness in his photographs

B. the Western wilderness was depicted in the photographs of Ansel Adams

C. Ansel Adams’s photographs depicted the Western wilderness

D. it was through his photographs that Ansel Adams depicted the Western wilderness

……………….advertising is so widespread in the United States, it has had an enormous effect on American life.

A. Why

B. The reason

C. On account of

D. Since

Scientists cannot agree on ______ related to other orders of insects.

A. that fleas are

B. how fleas are

C. how are fleas

D. fleas that are

Rich and distinctive in flavor, _____ _

A. there is in the United States a very important nut crop, the pecan

B. the most important nut crop in the United States, the pecan

C. farmers in the United States raise pecans, a very important nut crop

D. pecans are the most important nut crop in the United States

…………..added to a liquid, antifreeze lowers the freezing temperature of that liquid.

A. That

B. As is

C. It is

D. When

Unlike most birds, _____ _

A. the heads and necks of vultures lack feathers

B. feathers are not found on the heads and necks of vultures

C. vultures do not have feathers on their heads and necks

D. there are no feathers on vultures’ heads and necks

Smaller and flatter than an orange, …………..

A. a tangerine is easy to peel and its sections separate readily

B. the peel of a tangerine is easily removed and its sections are readily separated

C. it’s easy to peel a tangerine and to separate its sections

D. to peel a tangerine is easy, and its sections can be readily separated

Orbiting from 2.7 to 3.6 billion miles from the sun, …………………..

A. the astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto in 1930

B. Pluto was discovered by the astronomer Clyde Tombaugh in 1930

C. it was in 1930 that the astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto

D. the discovery of Pluto was made by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930

Art critics do not all agree on what ______ a painting great.

A. qualities make

B. are the qualities for making

C. qualities to make

D. do the qualities that make

…………………..managed by an independent governor and board of directors, the Bank of Canada is owned by the Canadian government.

A. And yet

B. In spite of it

C. Although

D. It is

…………….they are tropical birds, parrots can live in temperate or even cold climates.

A. Despite

B. Even though

C. Nevertheless

D. But

………………is a narrow strip of woods along a stream in an open grassland.

A. Ecologists use the term “gallery forest”

B. What do ecologists call a “gallery forest”

C. “Gallery forest” is the term ecologists use

D. What ecologists call a “gallery forest”


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