Adverbial Clauses Quiz


He will call his lawyer _____________ he is accused of stealing the documents.

A. although

B. while

C. as soon as

Don’t do anything ______________ I call you. Then, you will be free.

A. until

B. during

C. though

Andrea was happy, she had to leave her house, _______

A. until

B. though

C. whenever

_________ I see my crush, I get nervous.

A. While

B. Even though

C. Whenever

A: What should we do _________ an earthquake?
B: Prepare a plan of evacuation.

A. before

B. after

C. as soon as

D. during

______ the car accident, I called the police.

A. Before

B. After

C. During

The climbers were trapped in the mountain ______ there was a major storm.

A. while

B. so that

C. even though

They called me early ________ I could have the news first.

A. until

B. so that

C. when

______ I didn’t understand the explanation, I registered to additional grammar classes.

A. Because

B. As soon as

C. After

________the cave collapsed, the rescue team arrived.

A. Before

B. After

C. Until


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