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Adverbial Clauses Quiz


______ to the nearest city, we will have driven for 5 days.

A. As soon as we got

B. When we will get

C. By the time we get

D. While we are getting

Mary will have finished all her work ____________

A. as soon as her boss returned

B. until her boss will return

C. by the time her boss returns

D. when her boss will return

He will call his lawyer _____________ he is accused of stealing the documents.

A. although

B. while

C. as soon as

The students don’t stop making noise ______ them to.

A. until the teacher asks

B. once the teacher had asked

C. while the teacher has asked

D. by the time the teacher asked

______, we will be able to leave for the airport.

A. Before the taxi arrived

B. After the taxi had arrived

C. While the taxi was arriving

D. As soon as the taxi arrives

______ to look for a job, he will have got the work permit.

A. While Tom was starting

B. Before Tom started

C. By the time Tom starts

D. After Tom had started

______ I didn’t understand the explanation, I registered to additional grammar classes.

A. Because

B. As soon as

C. After

When I last saw him, he________in London.

A. is living

B. has been living

C. was living

D. lived

___ she always did well on his English tests, her parents were not surprised that she got on an A.

A. when

B. since

C. although

D. while

Although the rise in unemployment, people still seem to be spending more.

A. Although

B. in

C. still

D. spending

He decided not to get that job in spite of the salary was low.

A. not to get

B. in spite of

C. was

D. low

Please don’t call me for any reason ______ home from work.

A. by the time I came

B. until I have come

C. after I was coming

D. as soon as I had come

Jimmy will have learnt Chinese ______ to China next year.

A. when he is migrating

B. as soon as he migrated

C. by the time he migrates

D. until he had migrated

______ his motorbike, he found a puncture on the back tire.

A. After he has washed

B. While he is washing

C. As soon as he is washing

D. When he was washing

I try to do my homework ___________ the noise.

A. because of

B. although

C. despite of

D. in spite of

___ I have finished my studying in law, I intend to work abroad.

A. before

B. after

C. wherever

D. until

________ the test is tomorrow, I will stay up all night studying.

A. Since

B. Although

C. As soon as

____________ she was not well, she still went to work.

A. Because

B. Because of

C. Although

D. In spite of

Choose the best answer.

I haven’t finished the report yet, but by the time you return I ……………it.

A. will complete

B. complete

C. will have completed

D. am completing

When the boss walked into the office, his secretary ________.

A. is typing

B. was typing

C. has been typing

D. typed

Andrea was happy, she had to leave her house, _______

A. until

B. though

C. whenever

Though he loves her very much, but he can’t talk to her.

A. loves

B. very much

C. but

D. to

The athletes will have run 10 kilometers ______ the Finish line.

A. when they will reach

B. by the time they reach

C. while they are reaching

D. as soon as they had reached

When we came in, they ……the meal for us.

A. prepared

B. prepare

C. preparing

D. were preparing

Someone ringed him ___ he was taking a shower.

A. as

B. so that

C. where

D. when


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