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Adverbial Clauses Quiz


By the time I left my apartment this morning, someone looked for me.

A. left

B. this morning

C. someone

D. looked for

When we came in, they ……the meal for us.

A. prepared

B. prepare

C. preparing

D. were preparing

I was watching a movie ______ my mother was cooking.

A. until

B. while

C. although

___ I have finished my studying in law, I intend to work abroad.

A. before

B. after

C. wherever

D. until

He tried to explain, so she refused to listen.

A. to explain

B. so

C. refused

D. to listen

We were sitting on the bench in the park ________________.

A. when it rained

B. before it rained

C. by the time it rained

D. after it had rained

John _____________a book when I saw him.

A. is reading

B. read

C. was reading

D. reading

_______, he will go out with his friends.

A. When Tony finished his project

B. When Tony finishes his project

C. When Tony had finished his project

D. When Tony was finishing his project

A: What should we do _________ an earthquake?
B: Prepare a plan of evacuation.

A. before

B. after

C. as soon as

D. during

Even though the extremely bad weather in the mountain, the climbers decided not to cancel their climb.

A. even though

B. in

C. not

D. their

Andrea was happy, she had to leave her house, _______

A. until

B. though

C. whenever

________the cave collapsed, the rescue team arrived.

A. Before

B. After

C. Until

Last night, I had gone to bed after I had finished my homework.

A. last night

B. had gone

C. after

D. my homework

____________ she was not well, she still went to work.

A. Because

B. Because of

C. Although

D. In spite of

__________ the exam, concentrate on what you have to answer.

A. Before

B. Unitl

C. During

She ________ lunch by the time we arrived.

A. finished

B. has finished

C. had finished

D. finishing

___________ having little money, they are happy.

A. Despite

B. Because of

C. Although

D. Because

As she ________ a letter last night, the lights suddenly ________ out.

A. was writing/ went

B. wrote/ went

C. writes/ went

D. was writing/ was going

Choose the best answer.

I haven’t finished the report yet, but by the time you return I ……………it.

A. will complete

B. complete

C. will have completed

D. am completing

The climbers were trapped in the mountain ______ there was a major storm.

A. while

B. so that

C. even though

______ the car accident, I called the police.

A. Before

B. After

C. During

___ she always did well on his English tests, her parents were not surprised that she got on an A.

A. when

B. since

C. although

D. while

He decided not to get that job in spite of the salary was low.

A. not to get

B. in spite of

C. was

D. low

_________ I see my crush, I get nervous.

A. While

B. Even though

C. Whenever

I will keep learning Vietnamese____ I am upper intermediate.

A. as soon as

B. until

C. once

D. everywhere


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