Grammar Quiz

Adverbial Clauses of Reason / Cause Quiz


_______ you are here, you can give me some help.

A. If

B. When

C. As

D. Though

I went there _______ I was told

A. though

B. because

C. even if

D. for

_______ my friends’ help, I could understand the lesson easily.

A. Thanks to

B. For

C. Due to

D. To

She got up early_______ miss the bus.

A. so as to

B. to

C. so as not to

D. in order to

She went to the bookstore _______ buy some books.

A. to

B. for

C. in order that

D. ∅

I try to study _______ pass my next exam.

A. to

B. so as to

C. in order to

D. All are correct

It looks_______ it’s going to rain.

A. if

B. as if

C. whether

D. like

He didn’t pass the exam _______ his laziness

A. thanks to

B. because of

C. for

D. to

I took a taxi to the company _______ be late for the meeting.

A. in order not to

B. so as to

C. in order to not

D. to

They started the journey early _______ they would get there on time.

A. so that

B. in order to

C. so

D. because

_______ it rained, we stayed at home.

A. If

B. Because of

C. Because

D. When

They acted _______ she was asked.

A. as

B. since

C. even if

D. for

The teacher explains the lesson very clearly _______ every student can understand.

A. so

B. so that

C. for

D. as

I try all my best to study English _______ I can find a better job.

A. in order that

B. so as

C. because

D. if

_______ she wanted to pass her exam, she decided to study well.

A. Although

B. If

C. So that

D. Since

_______ the bad weather, the flight to Tokyo is delayed.

A. Due to

B. Thanks to

C. Because of

D. Both A&C

He said _______ he were my father.

A. as

B. like

C. whether

D. as if

_______ he is tired, he can’t work longer.

A. Because

B. Even though

C. Although

D. Besides

_______ the storm, we can’t go out for dinner.

A. Thanks to

B. For

C. Due to

D. To

_______ the boy is too young, he can’t understand the story.

A. If

B. Though

C. Due to

D. Since


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