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Adverbs by Type Quiz


The football team practices outside on the football field.

A. team

B. practices

C. outside

We studied really hard for the grammar quiz.

A. really

B. hard

C. studied

She graciously accepted the Emmy award.

A. She

B. accepted

C. graciously

I could hardly wait to open my present.

A. could

B. hardly

C. wait

The girls sit there during lunch.

A. sit

B. there

C. during

We completely clean our plates at dinner.

A. ensures

B. completely

C. plates

She runs daily for exercise.

A. runs

B. exercise

C. daily

Later, we study at the kitchen table.

A. Later

B. study

C. kitchen

The puppy goes everywhere with her owner.

A. everywhere

B. with

C. owner

We cautiously closed the door behind us.

A. cautiously

B. closed

C. behind

We read through the details hurriedly.

A. read

B. through

C. hurriedly

The amount of food was very reasonable for the price.

A. amount

B. very

C. reasonable

He ran so quickly that no one caught him.

A. quickly

B. so

C. ran

We always eat a snack before doing our homework.

A. eat

B. always

C. homework


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