Adverbs of Manner, Likes and Preferences Quiz


I ______ take the Math course.

A. would like

B. would prefer

C. would rather

I _____ to take the train.

A. would like

B. prefer

C. would rather

My dad used to shout ___ when he was angry.

A. loud

B. loudly

C. noise

I ______ to go with her.

A. wouldn’t like

B. would prefer no

C. would rather not

She laughs ___ at my jokes.

A. happyly

B. happily

C. angrily

We _____ to swim in the afternoon, not in the morning.

A. would prefer

B. would liked

C. would rather

I _____ not go there with her.

A. would prefer

B. would rather

C. would like

She _____ to join them.

A. like

B. would prefer

C. would rather

Please close the door ___ when you enter my room.

A. stupidly

B. deliberately

C. gently

When my teacher talks too ___, it’s difficult to understand him.

A. quickly

B. slowly

C. hard


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