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Argumentative Vocabulary Quiz


Hyperboles are phrases that

A. compare two unlike things

B. have a different meaning than the words

C. exaggerate

What is the claim?

A. Explains the topic, gives your opinion, and lists the main reasons.

B. Details that support your argument

C. Grabs the reader’s attention

D. Explains why the other side of the argument is rational

Which of these is NOT part of an argumentative essay introduction?

A. Hook

B. Summarize the Issue

C. Claim

D. Evidence

I could sleep for three days.

This sentence is an example of…

A. simile

B. hyperbole

C. imagery

D. metaphor

Is that a white rose? Wow! I love them. My grandfather had a massive rose garden with over 200 different species. Every Friday, he’d go out into the garden, clip a dozen, and make my grandmother a bouquet. Does love like that exist anymore?

A. Hyperbole

B. Anecdote

C. Stereotype

D. Pun

“All athletes are fast” is a example of a

A. bias

B. sterotype

C. false judgement

D. all the above

Your opinion (or the side you have chosen to represent) on a controversial topic is called…

A. Argument

B. Informational

C. Explanatory

D. Narrative

Facts, quotations, examples, anecdotes, and statistics can all be used as _______________.

A. evidence

B. claims

C. arguments

D. counterclaims

I try not to immediately _____ or judge people based on their outward appearance

A. stereotype

B. chronicle

C. bias

D. its not this answer

I once had a border collie. She was so smart! Every morning, I’d open up the front door and she’d run out, pick up the newspaper and deliver it to my husband at the breakfast table.

A. Hyperbole

B. Anecdote

C. Stereotype

D. Pun

another word for stereotype is

A. opinion

B. thomas

C. bias

D. evidence

Claim, position, stance, point of view in are also called

A. opinions

B. bias

C. sterotypes

D. judgements

Scientific data to support a claim

A. evidence

B. facts

C. support

D. opinion

Statements that address opposing viewpoints.

A. counterclaims

B. rebuttels

C. claims

D. arguments


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