Grammar Quiz

Articles and Quantifiers Quiz


I’ve got very __________ money so I can’t afford to buy a new car.

A. enough

B. little

C. much

Officials in British cities throughout the country need to do more to encourage people to use ___ bicycles by creating more bike lanes and safe spaces for cyclists.

A. (-)

B. a

C. the

She cooked a very nice meal yesterday. ___ fish was delicious.

A. The

B. –

C. A

A: Were there ______ passengers on the plane?

B: Not ______ .

A. a few / many

B. a lot of / many

C. many / a few

D. a lot of / much

I’m having a lot of trouble with my neighbour at the moment. He really gets on my nerves!

A. Good grammar

B. Bad grammar

There was ______ anyone could do to help.

A. a little

B. none

C. few

D. little

The Danube flows from ___ Germany, through ___ Central Europe to ___ Black Sea.

A. -/the/the

B. -/-/the

C. -/the/-

They were all strangers to me. I’d met______ of them before.

A. either

B. neither

C. none

D. no

_____ of pollution is created by private cars.

A. Enough

B. Lots

C. Little

Only ______ Simon’s friends went to the match, not ______ .

A. a few / much

B. a few of / many

C. some / much

D. a lot of / many

we use ___ when we talk generally about people or things.

A. a/an

B. the

C. (—)

_____ cafeteria is located to _____ left of _____ Faculty of Engineering.

A. A / the / _

B. A / _ / _

C. The / the / the

D. The / _ / the

___ in the building __ in danger!

A. Anything / are

B. Everything / will

C. Everyone / is

D. No one / has

A coalition government was in ______ power in Britain during ______ Second World War.

A. _ / _

B. the / the

C. _ / the

D. the / _

I am a fan of ___ this singer!

A. an

B. a

C. –

D. the

I would prefer ___ farthest house on the right.

A. an

B. a

C. –

D. the

___ Republic of Korea is considered a beautiful place to visit.

A. –

B. a

C. an

D. the

I have noticed that ______ English people do not seem to shake ______ hands as much as people do in ______ Turkey

A. the / __ / the

B. _ / _ / _

C. the / _ /_

D. _ /_ / the

There are ____ of opportunities to succeed in this business.

A. lot of

B. a lots of

C. plenty of

D. very some of

This service has __________ advantages. I like this!

A. enough

B. a lot of

C. too many

There aren’t ___________ trains during rush hour. So they are often very crowded.

A. much

B. enough

C. plenty

I won’t have not enough to do on the weekend. I’ll be such boring!

A. Good grammar

B. Bad grammar

Taylor knows a lot about ______ classical music. He seems to like ______ string quartets of Beethoven best.

A. _ / the

B. _ / _

C. the / _

D. a / the

we use ___ when it is clear who or what we are talking about

A. a/an

B. the

Would you like _________ sugar in your tea?

A. very few

B. quite a lot

C. a little


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