Asking & Giving Attention Quiz


Poppy : Listen to me, guys! I have something to say.

Gary : Yes, Pop. We are listening. Go ahead.

Poppy : I plan to treat you two on my birthday.

Emily : Really? It sounds great Pop.

The underlined sentence is the expression of…..

a. Showing Attention

b. Asking for Attention

c. Sowing Caring

d. Responding to Asking for Attention

Mr. Wahmin : Students, pay attention please!

Students : Yes, sir.

The underlined sentence is the expression of asking for…

A. Help

B. Attention

C. Permission

D. Opinion

Mr. Heri : Attention, please!

Arif : Yes, sir.

The underline word is expression of….

a. Giving attention

b. Responding attention

c. Giving opinion

d. Asking opinion

Lilly: Hey, Look! They are on TV

Ruby: What is it?

Lilly: Raisha and Isyana are in Asian Got Talent now.

Ruby: How interesting!

the underlined sentence is the expression of…..

a. Checking understanding

b. Showing Attention

c. Asking for Attention

d. Responding to Asking for Attention

Lukman: A terrible thing happened to me yesterday. My mom was very angry to me.

Ikhsan: Oh my God. Why?

Lukman: I lost my motorcycle when I parked it in front of the bookstore.

Ikhsan: Oh No !! ____________

The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is …

a. It sounds nice

b. Buy a new one

c. I am really happy to hear that

d. I am sorry to hear that

Mrs. Maya : May I have your attention? Now let’s say it


Students : “Yes, we are ready. We will use English in the

English class.”

Mrs. Maya : Hey, Randi. Stop doing that, please.

Randi : I’m so sorry, Ma’am. Yes, I am.

The teacher says, “May I have your attention, please?”

What does she express?

a. She checks students’ understanding

b. She asks students to pay attention

c. She asks Randi’s opinion

d. She asks Randi to pay attention

 Teacher :Dayu, please look at me! Would you stop doing that please? Are you ready to learn?

Dayu : I’m so sorry, Ma’am. Yes, I am.

The underlined sentence is an expression of …

a. Asking opinion

b. Asking for Attention

c. Showing Appreciation

d. Giving opinion

Choose the expression used to give attention.

A. What do you think?

B. Can you swim?

C. Do you understand?

D. What happens next?

Raka : Look….! who is that girl?

Riko : Oh she is Jane, the new student in our school.

From the dialoque we know that Raka wants to …….

a. get Riko’s attention

b. check Riko’s understanding

c. ask for Riko’s opinion

d. appreciate Riko’s friend

Fill the dialog with the best expressions!

Teacher : ______________, look at this board.

Students : Yes ma’am

a. How are you?

b. May I have your attention please?

c. Don’t forget to do your homework

d. I see


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