Grammar Quiz

Auxiliary Verbs (be, do, have) Quiz


_________ me last night?

A. Did you call

B. Have you called

C. Were you called

If you ________ told me, I would have never found out.

A. didn’t

B. weren’t

C. hadn’t

D. don’t

I ________ in love three times in my life.

A. have been

B. was being

C. was

_______ they always so happy?

A. Do

B. Are

C. They

_______ the teacher explain this properly?

A. Do

B. Did

C. was

D. had

_______ your sister living in Paris for a while?

A. Hadn’t

B. Wasn’t

C. Didn’t

________ you learn anything?

A. Hadn’t

B. Didn’t

C. Weren’t

_______ he in my American History class?

A. Didn’t

B. Wasn’t

C. Hadn’t

_______ reading the paper yet?

A. Have you finished

B. Were you finished

C. Are you finishing

I realised that I ________ learned a thing

A. didn’t

B. wasn’t

C. hadn’t

______ I look tired?

A. Have

B. Do

C. Am

D. Does

I worked as a graphic designer before I ________ to England.

A. have come

B. came

C. did come

My brother ________ in San Diego up until last year.

A. was lived

B. has lived

C. was living

I ________ in love with Mary, but she left me for another man.

A. have been

B. was being

C. was

________ he changed much over the years?

A. Has

B. Does

C. Is

________ he like to drive at night?

A. Does

B. Is

C. Has

D. Do

________ the professor angry?

A. Did

B. Was

C. Had

D. Does

_______ she been to Greece before?

A. Did

B. Has

C. Have

D. Does

________ they seeing each other?

A. Did

B. Had

C. Were

________ she Indian?

A. Has

B. Is

C. Does


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