Grammar Quiz

Auxiliary Words Quiz


He is late. He ____ have missed his plane.

A. shall

B. should

C. may

D. can

I don’t know where our boss is. She _____ be in a meeting

A. might

B. must

C. should

D. shouldn’t

You _________ believe everything you watch on TV.

A. shouldn’t

B. should

C. couldn’t

D. mustn’t

How old ________ you?

A. is

B. are

C. am

D. do

__________ she speak English?

A. do

B. does

C. are

D. is

When ……… you last upload a selfie?

A. do

B. did

C. are

D. have

I ……… not like my brother. He is quiet and shy but I enjoy good company.

A. have

B. am

C. are

What colour _________ your car?

A. is

B. are

C. do

D. does

What ____________ you do at the weekend?

A. does

B. is

C. did

D. am

……… you seen Jenny’s holiday pictures?

A. Do

B. Has

C. Are

D. Have

How many children__________ you have?

A. is

B. do

C. does

D. are


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