Be Going To vs. Will Quiz


What will you do next Saturday night? ……….. to Sammy’s party.

A. I won’t go

B. I’m going to go

C. I will go

Are you thirsty? Ok. ……bring you a glass of mineral water.

A. I’m going to

B. I will

C. I won’t

D. I don’t

They are going to _________ out tonight.

A. eatting

B. to eat

C. eat

D. swim

The girls ………..

A. cooking any pasta.

B. ‘re not cooking some pasta.

C. aren’t cooking any pasta.

D. are cooking some pasta.

Are you ready to order? Yes, …………… have the roast beef, please.

A. I´m going to

B. I’m not

C. I will not

D. I’ll

Tom and Lucas _______________buy some lemonade.

A. is going to

B. are going to

I have to lift this heavy box. …………….you help me?

A. Will

B. Are you going to

C. Do

D. Will / Are you going to

……….all day?

A. Are the children going to swim

B. Is the children go to swim

C. Are the children go to swimming

D. Are the children’s going’s swim

_____ you _______ me?

A. Do – will

B. Will – marry

C. Are – marry

Mr.Black _____ go to the movies on Sunday.

A. is

B. am

C. will


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