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Be Going To vs. Will Quiz


My family and I …..

A. ‘r going travel to Egypt.

B. going to travel to Egypt.

C. are going to travel to Egypt.

D. am going to travel to Egypt.

Tom and Lucas _______________buy some lemonade.

A. is going to

B. are going to

_____ you _______ me?

A. Do – will

B. Will – marry

C. Are – marry

Mr.Black _____ go to the movies on Sunday.

A. is

B. am

C. will

I think I ________ the beach beacuse it is raining.

A. will go

B. won´t go

Are you thirsty? Ok. ……bring you a glass of mineral water.

A. I’m going to

B. I will

C. I won’t

D. I don’t

I ______ going to take a trip next month.

A. is

B. am

C. are

D. will

I______________________ get up early tomorrow

A. going to get

B. going to

C. am going to

D. are going to

Michael is going to buy a new car___________.
A. The Next year
B. The Last year

She is _____________ cook a cake today

A. am going to

B. is going

C. are going to

D. going to

Complete the sentence with “be going to”

Peter ___________________ (dance).
A. Peter is going to dance.

B. Peter going is to dance

C. Peter going to is dance

D. Peter is to dance

Are you ready to order? Yes, …………… have the roast beef, please.

A. I´m going to

B. I’m not

C. I will not

D. I’ll

Look at those black clouds. It …………….rain.

A. is going to

B. will

C. will to

D. won’t

How are you getting to the party?

A. We’are going to a taxi.

B. We are going to take a taxi.

C. We’re going to a taxi.

D. We’re going taking a taxi.

She doesn’t have any money…..

A. she isn’t going to pay anything.

B. she’s not paying.

C. she’s going to pay by credit card.

D. she is going paying by check.

Elena_______________________make a cake.

A. are going to

B. is going to

He is going ____________ her next week.

A. visiting

B. visit to

C. to visited

D. to visit

“Will” is used for …

A. Past

B. Present

C. Future

Charle _________ a lot of money.

A. earn will

B. will earn

C. earn

What will you do next Saturday night? ……….. to Sammy’s party.

A. I won’t go

B. I’m going to go

C. I will go

Be careful! The dog………… bite you.

A. will

B. is going to

C. isn’t going to

D. won’t

They ______ to play soccer this weekend.

A. are going to

B. are going

C. will

My mother´s going to________ a new apartment near to the sea.
A. Buy
B. Bought
C. Buyed

……….all day?

A. Are the children going to swim

B. Is the children go to swim

C. Are the children go to swimming

D. Are the children’s going’s swim

She ______ going to take a trip next month.

A. is

B. am

C. are

D. will


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