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Be used to vs used to Quiz


I am used to … Tam Jai (譚仔) for dinner.

A. eating

B. eat

C. drinking

D. drink

Stanley is used to … 8 hours every day. He is very hard-working.

A. working

B. work

C. works

D. worked

Anson is used to … for his girlfriend after school.

A. wait

B. waiting

C. wating

D. wate

Evan used to … a student in LCMS. He left a few months ago.

A. is

B. was

C. be

D. being

Jim gets used to … in LCMS. He loves everything here.

A. studing

B. studie

C. study

D. studying

Dickson used to … lazy. He works much harder now.

A. is

B. being

C. am

D. be

Suki … travel a lot. She doesn’t have the time now.

A. be used to

B. is used to

C. used to

D. use to

Lucy used to … a lot. She doesn’t draw much now as she’s too busy.

A. draws

B. draw

C. drawing

D. drew

Elson used to … slime. He doesn’t make it anymore.

A. making

B. make

C. do

D. doing

Mary (A) (B) Putonghua. She’s moved to HK and started to speak Cantonese.

A. (A) used to (B) speaking

B. (A) used to (B) speak

C. (A) is used to (B) speaking

D. (A) is used to (B) speak

Tony (A) (B) much time on computer games. He doesn’t do it now because he finds studies more important. Mr Cheng is happy for him.

A. (A): is used to (B): spending

B. (A): is used to (B): spend

C. (A): used to (B): spend

D. (A): used to (B): spending

Ivan … speak a lot. He doesn’t speak much now.

A. use to

B. am used to

C. is used to

D. used to


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