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Kelly bought a new dance DVD … work out at home.

A. during

B. so as to

C. following

There is … violence in this video game that you shouldn’t buy it.

A. so many

B. so much

C. so few

… Bill was ill, he went to school.

A. Even though

B. Despite

C. Because

It was … a hot summer day that we could fry an egg on the pavement outside.

A. such

B. so

C. that

… the graduation ceremony, there is a party at Alif’s house.

A. Beforehand

B. After

C. When

There were … people who were sick because of the flu.

A. so much

B. so many

C. so as not to

… the puzzle was difficult, we managed to solve it.

A. Besides

B. Because

C. Although

… our teacher was angry, she is still very patient with us.

A. Because

B. Despite

C. Even though

The cat walked on the wet cement … it could get to the bird.

A. so that

B. so as not to

C. so as to

… we went to the Halloween party, we put on costumes.

A. after

B. before

C. when

You should take up a new hobby … you won’t be bored all the time.

A. besides

B. aside

C. so that

The children continued swimming … the rain.

A. despite

B. beyond

C. among

You should say thank you … you receive a gift. It’s only polite to do so.

A. before

B. when

C. in case of

I enjoy talking to the audience … the show is over. I don’t want them to think I’m unfriendly.

A. during

B. after

C. meanwhile

You need to practice singing in front of your friends … you sing in public to avoid stage fright.

A. before

B. besides

C. despite


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