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What’s the subordinating conjunction: Since you got a haircut, I haven’t seen you.

A. I

B. since

C. seen

D. havent

What is the complete predicate of this sentence?

The warm breeze blew my hair.

A. blew

B. the warm breeze

C. my hair

D. blew my hair

I have bough a nice cell phone ______ was very expensive

A. which

B. who

C. whom

D. whose

What’s the subordinating conjunction: We can’t be together if you drive that car. 

A. If

B. we

C. be

D. together

Which part of the sentence is the dependent clause?

I need to go to the bookstore before we leave the mall.

A. I need to go to the bookstore

B. to the bookstore

C. before we leave the mall

D. before we leave

After the wars there are many __________

A. surviving

B. survives

C. surviver

D. survivors

Which group of words is an independent clause? This means the clause CAN stand alone as a sentence.

A. Although I was careful

B. When I get up

C. I played video games

D. Because they work together

What is the simple subject of this sentence?

The geese flew south.

A. the geese

B. south

C. flew south

D. geese

There were … people who were sick because of the flu.

A. so much

B. so many

C. so as not to

Is the conjunction a FANBOYS or subordinating conjunction: I am so excited, BUT my sister is not.


B. subordinating conjunction

You need to practice singing in front of your friends … you sing in public to avoid stage fright.

A. before

B. besides

C. despite

What is the subordinating conjunction in the sentence: My brother will cry and pout if you wake him.

A. if

B. and

C. brother

D. will

… Bill was ill, he went to school.

A. Even though

B. Despite

C. Because

As business executives fly around the globe to sell their companies’ products and services

A. Independent Clause

B. Dependent Clause

… our teacher was angry, she is still very patient with us.

A. Because

B. Despite

C. Even though

Which subordinating conjunction makes the most sense in the blank:

You wait here ……………. I come.

A. because

B. until

C. unless

You should say thank you … you receive a gift. It’s only polite to do so.

A. before

B. when

C. in case of

I enjoy talking to the audience … the show is over. I don’t want them to think I’m unfriendly.

A. during

B. after

C. meanwhile

When a subordinating conjunction is in the middle of a sentence, a comma is required. (look at the examples in your notes)



Mr. Johnson is the best _______ in the orchestra

A. music man

B. musician

C. musical

Kelly bought a new dance DVD … work out at home.

A. during

B. so as to

C. following

Which sentence uses a subordinating conjunction correctly?

A. I left because you made me mad.

B. I left.

C. Because you made me mad.

D. You made me mad today

Which is the INDEPENDENT clause in this sentence?

Because you’ve never been there, you’ll probably get lost.

A. because you’ve never been there

B. you’ll probably get lost

The children continued swimming … the rain.

A. despite

B. beyond

C. among

It was … a hot summer day that we could fry an egg on the pavement outside.

A. such

B. so

C. that


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