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Clauses and Gerunds Quiz


A hotel is a place ___ people stay when they’re on holiday.

A. which

B. where

C. who

D. that

Mike wants to thank Annie ____ helping him.

A. to

B. about

C. for

D. by

We never know whether we will get paid or not.



I met a woman _______ can speak six languages.

A. which

B. who

C. whose

Emily braked hard __ (let) a black cat __ (run) across the street.

A. letting / to run

B. to let / run

C. to let / to run

D. letting / running

Mary avoids __________ sugar because she has diabetes.

A. eat

B. to eating

C. to eat

D. eating

It will be a whole month________it arrives.

A. Before

B. When

C. After

D. Because

Sam is worried _____ taking the exams next week.

A. for

B. on

C. of

D. about

Diana likes _________ broccoli.

A. none

B. to eat / eating

C. to eating

D. eat

Ashley is really good ____ Science and Arts. She’s brilliant!

A. on

B. in

C. at

D. for

The teacher is excited ____ studying her masters.

A. of

B. on

C. about

D. for

I’m so tired. I just wouldn’t mind __ (stay) home tonight.

A. staying

B. stay

C. to stay

I was tired, so I just watched them __ (play) volleyball instead of __ (join) them.

A. playing/join

B. to play/joining

C. playing/to join

D. play/joining

I will give you a call______ I get home.

A. Before

B. When

C. After

D. Since

This evening you can decide what do you want to do.



He’s at an awkward age. He’s old enough __ (have) adult problems but too young __ (handle) them on his own.

A. having / handling

B. to have / handling

C. to have / to handle

D. having / to handle

_________ we don’t know the answer, we should ask the teacher for help.

A. Since

B. While

C. Although

D. If

We spent the entire class period ___ (talk) about the Industrial Revolution.

A. to talk

B. talking

C. to being talking

D. talked

It is foolish _____ (ignore) physical ailments.

A. ignore

B. to ignore

C. ignoring

D. ignored

Yuko got along very well in France despite not ___ (be) able to speak French. She used English a lot.

A. be

B. to be

C. being

D. been

You should shut off your computer______you finish work.

A. Before

B. When

C. After

D. Because

I wonder why he do not like me.



He’s a terrific soccer player! Did you see him __ (make) that goal?

A. make

B. to make

C. making

D. to be made

It was a hot day, and the work was hard. I could feel sweat _____ (trickle) down my back.

A. trickle

B. trickling

C. to trickle

D. to be trickling

That’s the cat _________________ we saw yesterday.

A. that

B. where

C. why


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