Grammar Quiz

Comparative Adjective Quiz


A holiday by the sea is _________ than a holiday in the mountains.

A. better

B. good

C. gooder

Most people think cats are … … … fish.

A. more interesting

B. interesting than

C. interesting

D. more interesting than

Ali is ________________ than Abu.

A. strong

B. more strong

C. stronger

D. more stronger

My house is _________ yours.

A. bigger than

B. more big than

C. the bigger than

The skin of a frog is ___________ than the elephant’s hide.

A. smooth

B. smoother

C. more smooth

D. more smoother

Motorcycles are ____________ than cars.

A. cheap

B. cheaper

C. cheapper

D. the cheaper

Xiu Ping is ____________ than Xiu Yi.

A. old

B. older

C. oldest

A rhinoceros is __________ a cheetah.

A. the most larger

B. larger than

C. more larger than

The durian is ___________ the rambutan.

A. the most expensive

B. expensiver than

C. more expensive than

Chinese is ____________ English.

A. difficult than

B. difficulter than

C. more difficult than

Write a comparative form of adjectives

A. more better

B. more good

C. better

My shirt is _____________ hers.

A. beautifuller

B. beautiful than

C. more beautiful than


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