Comparative Adjectives Quiz


A rock is _________ than a feather.

A. more heavier

B. more heavy

C. heavier

Florida weather is __________ than Alaska.

A. warmer

B. more warm

C. warmmer

Pizza __________ than vegetables.

A. is more delicious

B. is deliciouser

C. more delicious

Do you think Maths and Science are _____________ than English?

A. more difficult

B. more difficulter

C. are more difficult

Davit is __________ than Tola.

A. younger

B. youngger

C. more younger

Ice cream is _________ than broccoli.

A. sweeter

B. sweetter

C. more sweet

Saturdays ___________ than Mondays because I don’t have to go to school.

A. is nice

B. is nicer

C. are nicer

Barack Obama is __________ than Donald Trump.

A. more smart

B. smarter

C. smartter

A car’s speed is ___________ than an airplane’s.

A. slowwer

B. more slow

C. slower

I think I am pretty, but my friend is ___________.

A. more pretty

B. prettier

C. prettyer


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