Grammar Quiz

Comparative Adverbs Quiz


Mike worked ________________on his school work this year than last year.

A. harder

B. more hard

We walked _______________________ than the rest of the people.

A. more slowly

B. slower

C. slowly

Mary drives __________ than she used to

A. carefulliest.

B. more carefully.

C. carefullier.

D. most carefully

She smiled _______________________ than before.

A. happier

B. happily

C. more happily

I speak English _________________ now than last year.

A. more fluently

B. more fluent

C. fluently

Our team played ____________ than last time.

A. worse

B. badder

C. more badly

They called us _________________ in the afternoon.

A. lately

B. later

C. more lately

Jim threw the ball __________________________ than Peter.

A. farther

B. more far

C. farly

Jim can run ______________________ than John.

A. faster

B. fastly

C. more fastly

She treated me _________________ than them all.

A. more polite

B. more politely

C. politely

Ron arrived at the movie theater (earlier, earliest) than Derrick, so he bought the tickets.

A. earlier

B. earliest

Hudson walked through the haunted house (more bravely, most bravely, bravelier) than his brother.

A. more bravely

B. most bravely

C. bravelier

The boy walked (more carefully, carefullier, most carefully) down the steps than the girl.

A. more carefully

B. carefullier

C. most carefully

Melissa walked into the classroom (loudly, more loudly, loudlier) than Ben.

A. loudly

B. more loudly

C. loudlier

Ryan finished his work (quicklier, more quickly, quickliest) than Shannon.

A. quicklier

B. more quickly

C. quickliest


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