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Comparative and Superlative Adverbs Quiz


Rene speaks ________________ of all the ESL students in the class.

A. most fluently

B. more fluently

C. fluentliest

Jana talks ___________ among the Grade 2 girls.

A. frequently

B. more frequently

C. most frequently

Our teacher explains the lessons ____________ than your teacher.

A. clearly

B. most clearly

C. more clearly

Mr. Jackson drives ___________ of all the bus drivers.

A. carefulliest

B. more carefully

C. most carefully

Which is the comparative adverb of “fast”?

A. more fast

B. fastest

C. faster

She smiled __________ than before.

A. happily

B. happier

C. happiest

The comparative adverb of recently is _________.

A. recentlier

B. more recently

C. most recently

Angelo speaks English ________ of all the students.

A. correctly

B. more correctly

C. most correctly

Our secretary works ________ of all of us.

A. most hard

B. harder

C. hardest

Which is the superlative adverb of “high”?

A. most high

B. highest

C. higher

The superlative adverb of hard is __________.

A. hardly

B. harder

C. hardest

A turtle moves ________ than a rabbit.

A. slowly

B. more slowly

C. most slowly

Tim worked ___________ than Tom.

A. quietly

B. more quietly

C. most quietly

Gina arrived __________ than her friend Mia.

A. later

B. latest

C. more late

Salma dressed ___________ than Dalia.

A. beautifully

B. more beautifully

C. most beautifully


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