Comparative and Superlative Adverbs Quiz


Which is the superlative adverb of “high”?

A. most high

B. highest

C. higher

The superlative adverb of hard is __________.

A. hardly

B. harder

C. hardest

Angelo speaks English ________ of all the students.

A. correctly

B. more correctly

C. most correctly

Our teacher explains the lessons ____________ than your teacher.

A. clearly

B. most clearly

C. more clearly

Mr. Jackson drives ___________ of all the bus drivers.

A. carefulliest

B. more carefully

C. most carefully

She smiled __________ than before.

A. happily

B. happier

C. happiest

Jana talks ___________ among the Grade 2 girls.

A. frequently

B. more frequently

C. most frequently

Which is the comparative adverb of “fast”?

A. more fast

B. fastest

C. faster

Tim worked ___________ than Tom.

A. quietly

B. more quietly

C. most quietly

Rene speaks ________________ of all the ESL students in the class.

A. most fluently

B. more fluently

C. fluentliest


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