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Comparative and Superlative Adverbs Quiz


Melissa walked into the classroom ___________ than Ben.

A. loudly

B. loudlier

C. more loudly

D. the most loudly

Angelo speaks English ________ of all the students.

A. correctly

B. more correctly

C. most correctly

You need to try _________ next time.

A. harder

B. hardest

C. more hardly

D. hardlier

Our teacher explains the lessons ____________ than your teacher.

A. clearly

B. most clearly

C. more clearly

Brahjan walked through the haunted house (more bravely, most bravely, bravelier) than his father.

A. more bravely

B. most bravely

C. bravelier

Mike played _____________ than any other player on the team.

A. more better

B. most better

C. better

D. best

Mark walked __________________ than Steve.

A. the fastest

B. more fast

C. faster

D. most fast

The comparative form of the “slow” is:

A. slower

B. slowly

C. more slow

Mary drives _______________ than she used to.

A. carefulliest

B. carefullier

C. more carefully

D. most carefully

He plays the piano ____________________ than the guitar.

A. easier

B. easiest

C. the most easily

D. more easily

Tim worked ___________ than Tom.

A. quietly

B. more quietly

C. most quietly

Algebra is ____________ than English.

A. harder

B. more hard

C. more harder

I think the _________ holiday I ever had was when I went to Cerro Punta.

A. good

B. better

C. best

The superlative adverb of hard is __________.

A. hardly

B. harder

C. hardest

Irregular comparative and superlative adverbs _____

A. end in “ly”

B. do not end in “ly”

The comparative adverb of recently is _________.

A. recentlier

B. more recently

C. most recently

She smiled __________ than before.

A. happily

B. happier

C. happiest

Mr. Jackson drives ___________ of all the bus drivers.

A. carefulliest

B. more carefully

C. most carefully

The superlative form of badly is:

A. more badly

B. worse

C. the worst

Jana talks ___________ among the Grade 2 girls.

A. frequently

B. more frequently

C. most frequently

Ahmet works__________________________ Peter.

A. the hardest than

B. more hard than

C. harder than

D. the most hard of

Of all the people I know, Jack runs _____________.

A. more slowly

B. slowlier

C. the most slowly

D. the slowliest

Mary speaks___________ than Max does.

A. more quickly

B. quicklier

C. most quickly

D. quickliest

Jivelys was the (fastest, most fast, most fastly) runner in the race.

A. fastest

B. most fast

C. most fastly

Which is the superlative adverb of “high”?

A. most high

B. highest

C. higher


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