Comparatives Quiz


July is a ______________ month than October.

a. hoter

b. hotter

c. hottest

d. more hot

I can’t do my Biology homework. it’s _____________ than my Maths.


more difficult



Sevilla is a ___________________ football team than Jerez

a. good

b. best

c. better

d. holder

Jim’s car can go 220 km/h. It’s ________ than my car.

a. older

b. more expensive

c. faster

d. more difficult

The bread is _______________ than the pasta.

a. cheap

b. cheaper

c. more cheap

d. cheapest

Spanish is ______________ than Chinese.

a. easier

b. easy

c. easiest

d. more easy

I’m 12 and my sister is 15. She’s _________ than me.

a. faster

b. better

c. older

d. worse

Christiano Ronaldo is _______________________ than Wayne Rooney.

a. popularer

b. popularest

c. more popular

d. popular

Tennis is ___________________________ than football.

a. more interesting

b. interesting

c. interestinger

d. interestingest

Paris is ______________ than Liverpool.

a. big

b. biggest

c. more big

d. bigger


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