Grammar Quiz

Comparatives Quiz


My mother feels ______ in a bus than she does in a plane.

A. safer

B. more safe

C. safe

D. less safer

Sevilla is a ___________________ football team than Jerez

a. good

b. best

c. better

d. holder

July is a ______________ month than October.

a. hoter

b. hotter

c. hottest

d. more hot

Jim’s car can go 220 km/h. It’s ________ than my car.

a. older

b. more expensive

c. faster

d. more difficult

I can paint, but Anna is a _________ painter than me.

a. more expensive

b. more difficult

c. bigger

d. better

Cats/ walk/ quiet/ dogs.

A. Cats walk more quiet than dogs

B. Cats walk more quieter than dogs

C. Cats walk more quiet than dogs

D. Cats walk more quietly than dogs

The Royal Hotel is cleaner than I thought. The Royal Hotel ______.

A. isn’t as dirty as I thought.

B. is as clean as I thought.

C. isn’t as clean as I thought.

D. is as dirty as I thought.

I/ play/ tennis/ badly/ Tom.

A. I play tennis more badly than Tom

B. I play tennis badlier than Tom

C. I play tennis worse than Tom

D. I play tennis badder than Tom

Tennis is ___________________________ than football.

a. more interesting

b. interesting

c. interestinger

d. interestingest

Paris is ______________ than Liverpool.

a. big

b. biggest

c. more big

d. bigger

Please inform your father if you’re going to arrive ______.

A. late

B. later than

C. as late

D. lately

She is ______________ than Nina

A. prettier

B. more pretty

C. more prettier

D. prettiest

The bread is _______________ than the pasta.

a. cheap

b. cheaper

c. more cheap

d. cheapest

Discos are ______ libraries.

A. more noisy than

B. less noisy than

C. noisier than

D. as noisy as

Bill is (good) …………………….. than you thought.

A. gooder

B. more good

C. better

D. well

I can’t do my Biology homework. it’s _____________ than my Maths.


more difficult



This exam was __________ than old one.

A. easier

B. more easy

C. easiest

D. more easier

This road is ……. than that road.

A. narrower

B. narrow

C. the most narrow

D. more narrower

A new house is (expensive) …………………….. than an old one.

A. more expensive

B. expensiver

C. more expensiver

D. most expensive

Her office is ……. away than mine.

A. father

B. more far

C. farther

D. farer

I’m 12 and my sister is 15. She’s _________ than me.

a. faster

b. better

c. older

d. worse

Their new sports car isn’t as ______ ours.

A. more comfortable

B. comfortable as

C. comfortable than

D. more comfortable than

I/ eat/ vegetables/ often/ I used / to.

A. I eat vegetables oftenly than I used to

B. I used vegetables more oftenly than I used to

C. I used vegetables more often than I used to

D. I used vegetables more oftener than I used to

The giraffe’s neck is ________ than the dog’s.

a. longer

b. better

c. older

d. younger

My mobile phone is _______________________ than yours.

a. expensive

b. expensiver

c. more expensive

d. expensivest


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