Grammar Quiz

Comparatives ( adj/ adv) Quiz


I can’t understand. Would you ask him to speak _______ ?

A. clearlier

B. clear

C. more clearer

D. more clearly

An ox doesn’t plough ___________ than a buffalo.

A. good

B. well

C. better

D. weller

She answered all the questions ___________________ the other students and she got a very good mark.

A. gooder than

B. better

C. better than

D. more well than

He drives as______ his father does.

A. careful as

B. more carefully

C. the most careful

D. carefully as

Life in some parts of the country is __________ than that in other parts.

A. boring

B. boringer

C. more boring

D. most boring

The old usually get up ________ than the young.

A. early

B. more early

C. earlier

D. more earlier

Today Peter gets up ……….than he did yesterday

A. earlier

B. more early

C. more earlily

D. more earlier

A supermarket is______ a shopping centre

A. less convenient as

B. not so convenient than

C. the most convenient as

D. less convenient than

Your house is_______decorated than me

A. more beautiful

B. more beautifullier

C. beautifully

D. more beautifully

The air in the mountainous zones is ______ than that in the cities.

A. more fresh

B. fresher

C. more fresher

D. freshly

We’ve all been working very ___________ and now we’re tired

A. hard

B. hardly

C. harder

D. hardest

These 7 thinking habits will help you become _________ .

A. more confident

B. more confidently

C. confidenter

D. more confildentlier

Life in the countryside is ……………………….than that in the city

A. quieter

B. more quiet

C. most quiet

D. quietly

The wind is blowing……………..than it did last night

A. stronger

B. more strongly

C. stronglier

D. more stronger

After a hard working day, you may sleep ________ than usual.

A. soundlier

B. more soundly

C. more sound

D. more sounder

Cattle usually cross over the road. You should drive __________.

A. careful

B. more careful

C. more carefully

D. more carelessly

Kien plays the guitar …………….than Phong does.

A. more goodly

B. more well

C. better

D. gooder

Harvest is…………..time of year in the countryside

A. busiest

B. busier

C. the busiest

D. the most busy


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