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Comparatives - Superlative Quiz


The girl is ____________ (tall) the man.

A. the tallest

B. taller than

C. more tall than

D. the most tall

English is _____________(easy) than mathematics

A. More easy

B. easier

C. Easiest

That is the _________ movie I have ever seen

A. most scary

B. scarier

C. scariest

Complete the following using the correct comparative or superlative.

Annie is a ____________ listener but Stephen is the ______________.

A. good, better

B. good, best

C. good, bad

D. good, worst

Read the sentence and choose the correct one.

A. The most intelligentest animal is the chimpanzee.

B. The intelligentest animal is the chimpanzee.

C. The most intelligent animal is the chimpanzee.

Choose the correct sentence.

A. Fish is more tasty than meat

B. Fish is tastier than meat

C. Fish is the tastiest than meat

D. Fish is tasty than meat.

The Sahara desert is __________________ than the beach. (hot)

A. hotest

B. hoter

C. hottest

D. hotter

Summer is _______________________ season of the year.

A. the hottest

B. hotter than

C. hot

D. more hot

She is a __________ teacher than you think

A. better

B. gooder

C. best

A turtle is …than a rabbit.

A. slower

B. slowest

C. faster

D. fastest

Mangoes are

A. more delicious than oranges

B. delicious than oranges

C. the most delicious than oranges

D. deliciouser than oranges

My brother thinks this restaurant is … than that restaurant.

A. more worse

B. badder

C. worse

D. bad

What is the comparative form of “far”?

A. farer

B. further

C. farthest

Mary is as _________ as her sister; they are twins

A. older

B. old

C. less old

Choose the correct sentence.

A. The elephant is smaller than the cat.

B. The cat is bigger than the dog.

C. The dog is bigger than the cat.

D. The elephant is smaller than the dog.

Mount Everest is ___________ (high) mountain in the world

A. more high

B. the higher

C. the highest


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