Grammar Quiz

Comparatives - Superlatives Quiz


She always has a smile on her face. She is the ____________ person I know.

A. happy

B. happier

C. happiest

That is the _____________ result I have received in an exam.

A. bad

B. worst

C. worse

Joe is ……………..(clever) girl in my class.

A. cleverer

B. cleverest

C. the cleverest

Her skin is much _____________ after two weeks in Acapulco.

A. darkest

B. darker

C. dark

Sue is …………..(bad) at English than her sister.

A. worse

B. worst

C. badder

The movie was ______________ than I thought it would be.

A. longest

B. longer

C. more long

This car is ___________________ than that car.

A. expensiver

B. most expensive

C. more expensive

I think skating is much ……………..(exciting) than swimmig.

A. exciting

B. more exciting

C. most exciting

I think Math is ………….(difficult) than Science.

A. much more difficult

B. more much diffcult

C. most difficult

That is the _____________ mountain I have ever seen.

A. highest

B. high

C. higher

She is the ___________________ woman in the world.

A. beautiful

B. most beautiful

C. more beautiful

The Sahara is the ______________ dessert in the world.

A. most big

B. biggest

C. bigger

My brother is the ________________ that I know.

A. most smart

B. smartest

C. smarter

My brother is _______________ than me.

A. more tall

B. tallest

C. taller

He is ………….(lazy) person that I know.

A. laziest

B. the most lazy

C. the laziest

She is ………….(good) Geography teacher in my school.

A. better

B. best

C. the best

She is _____________ at mathematics than I am.

A. best

B. better

C. good

Who is ……………..(popular) student in your class?

A. most popular

B. more popular

C. the most popular

My wife is ____________________ than I am.

A. more intelligent

B. intelligenter

C. most intelligent

The traffic is much ___________ today because of an accident in the Avenue Reforma.

A. slower

B. slowest

C. slow

The cheetah is the ________________ animal in the world.

A. faster

B. fast

C. fastest

The cheese cake is …………(expensive) than the chocolate one.

A. more expensive

B. most expensive

C. the most expensive

This is ………….(interesting) book that I’ve ever read.

A. more interesting

B. most interesting

C. the most interesting


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