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Comparatives - Superlatives Quiz


This car is ___________________ than that car.

A. expensiver

B. most expensive

C. more expensive

The movie was ______________ than I thought it would be.

A. longest

B. longer

C. more long

She is _____________ at mathematics than I am.

A. best

B. better

C. good

My wife is ____________________ than I am.

A. more intelligent

B. intelligenter

C. most intelligent

The cheetah is the ________________ animal in the world.

A. faster

B. fast

C. fastest

Her skin is much _____________ after two weeks in Acapulco.

A. darkest

B. darker

C. dark

My brother is the ________________ that I know.

A. most smart

B. smartest

C. smarter

That is the _____________ result I have received in an exam.

A. bad

B. worst

C. worse

That is the _____________ mountain I have ever seen.

A. highest

B. high

C. higher

The traffic is much ___________ today because of an accident in the Avenue Reforma.

A. slower

B. slowest

C. slow

She is the ___________________ woman in the world.

A. beautiful

B. most beautiful

C. more beautiful

The Sahara is the ______________ dessert in the world.

A. most big

B. biggest

C. bigger

She always has a smile on her face. She is the ____________ person I know.

A. happy

B. happier

C. happiest

My brother is _______________ than me.

A. more tall

B. tallest

C. taller


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