Grammar Quiz

Comparative - Superlative Quiz


Actually, today I feel ______ than I did yesterday.

A. the worst

B. worst

C. worse

D. bad

Mount Everest is ___________ (high) mountain in the world

A. more high

B. the higher

C. the highest

He plays the piano ____________________ than the guitar.

A. easier

B. easiest

C. the most easily

D. more easily

This dish tastes ________ than that one.

A. delicious

B. the most delicious

C. the more delicious

D. more delicious

John is ______________ Sue (slim)

A. slimer

B. slimer than

C. slimmer than

D. more slim than

Russian grammar is ….. than English grammar.

A. more difficulter

B. Difficult

C. More difficult

D. most difficult

My grandma’s house is definitely ______ ________ place in the world. (nice)

A. more nice than

B. nicer than

C. the nicest

D. the most nice

My sister is _____ _______ in her class. (old)

A. older than

B. the older

C. the olddest

D. the oldest

My Japanese class is _______ than his English class.

A. funny

B. funnier

C. funniest

D. the funny

The cheetah is the __________ animal in the world. (fast)

A. fast

B. most fast

C. fastest

D. more fast

Your watch is _________ than mine.

A. the most cheap

B. cheaper

C. more cheap

D. the more cheaper

Look at the picture. Which sentence is true?

A. The apples are as heavy as the oranges.

B. The apples are not heavy.

C. The oranges are heavier than the apples.

D. The apples are heavier than the oranges.

My sister is ________ student in her class.

A. smarter than

B. the smarter

C. the most smart

D. the smartest

Those books are ________ the other books.

A. the interesting more

B. more interesting than

C. the most interesting

D. interesting than

He drives _______________ his brother. (carefully)

A. more carefullier

B. more carefully than

C. more carefully

D. carefullier than

Today’s temperature is _____ ________ of all summer.

A. the nearest

B. the hottest

C. the oldest

D. the smallest

Tom is ______ student in his class.

A. intelligent

B. intelligenter

C. the most intelligent

D. the intelligentest

Her brother is ________ soccer player on his team.

A. gooder than

B. better than

C. the best

D. the goodest

Katty Perry is ________________ Opitz Barbi.

A. populer than

B. more popular

C. popular

D. more popular than


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