Grammar Quiz

Comparision Quiz


Ho Chi Minh city is _________ than Hanoi

A. bigg

B. big

C. biger

D. bigger

France is as _______ as Spain.

A. beautiful

B. more beautiful than

C. the most beautiful

D. more beautiful

What’s the______ film you’ve ever seen?

A. good

B. best

C. better

D. the gooder

Mary is ____________ than Ben in my class.

A. clever

B. so clever

C. cleverer

D. the cleverest

Today is the _____ day of the month.

A. hoter

B. hotter

C. hotest

D. hottest

Katty Perry is ________________ Cita Citata (popular.)

A. populer than

B. more popular

C. popular

D. more popular than

The house was not as _______(attractive) as theirs.

A. attractive

B. attractiver

C. more attractive

D. the most attractive

Of the three girls, Helen, Susan, and Maria, Susan is the _______ character we know.

A. more funny

B. funnier

C. funniest

D. most funny

That test was ___________ than the previous one last week.

A. difficult

B. so difficult

C. more difficult

D. the most difficult

My new laptop is _________ yours.

A. more light than

B. lighter that

C. so light as

D. lighter than

People in the North of the UK live______ people in the South.

A. longer than

B. the longest

C. the longer

D. longest

He drives _______________ his brother. (carefully)

A. more carefullier

B. more carefully than

C. more carefully

D. carefullier than

Of the two sisters, Linda______

A. is beautiful

B. the most beautiful

C. is more beautiful

D. is so beautiful as

Driving is …… than flying.

A. more dangerous

B. dangerouser

C. the most dangerous

John’s grades are _____than his sister.

A. higher

B. more high

C. more higher

D. the bigest

She speaks English as______ as you.

A. clear

B. clearly

C. clearest

D. more clear

I am _______ in my family.

A. funny

B. funnier than

C. the funny

D. the funniest

The second house is _____________ than the first one.

A. the best

B. best

C. better

D. the better

Deana is the _____ of the three sisters.

A. most short

B. shorter

C. shortest

D. more short

Aranya is _______________ interesting woman of all.

A. the

B. the most

C. more

D. the more

That boy is as __________ as you.

A. fat

B. fatter

C. fattest

D. the fattest

The blue car is ______ than the red car.

A. more fast

B. more faster

C. faster

D. fast

The new house is_______(large) than the old one.

A. largest

B. larger

C. the largest

D. more large

Bob is ___________ than Mike

A. tall

B. taller

C. tallest

D. the most tallest

Yogyakarta is ___________ than Jakarta.

A. more beautiful

B. most beautiful

C. the more beautiful

D. more beautifuler


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