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Comparision Quiz


He drives _______________ his brother. (carefully)

A. more carefullier

B. more carefully than

C. more carefully

D. carefullier than

You can take______ books as you want.

A. so much

B. as many

C. as much

D. too many

I think smartphones are___________ than tablets.

A. more useful

B. usefuller

C. useful more

D. as useful

Swimming is …… exercise than walking.

A. gooder

B. more good

C. better

The baby’s illness is_____ than we thought at first.

A. bad

B. badder

C. worse

D. badly

that whale is … than this dolphine.

A. big

B. bigger

C. biggest

D. most big

Everest is _________ mountain in the world.

A. the high

B. the most high

C. the highest

D. higher

The blue car is ______ than the red car.

A. more fast

B. more faster

C. faster

D. fast

France is as _______ as Spain.

A. beautiful

B. more beautiful than

C. the most beautiful

D. more beautiful

Driving is …… than flying.

A. more dangerous

B. dangerouser

C. the most dangerous

She is _______ singer I’ve ever met.

A. worse

B. bad

C. the worst

D. badly

The blue car ___________ the red car.

A. is as fast as

B. are as fast as

C. is as fast

D. are as fast

My father is______ as yours

A. older

B. as old

C. oldest

D. more old

Of the two sisters, Linda______

A. is beautiful

B. the most beautiful

C. is more beautiful

D. is so beautiful as

This information is ______________ for me than the previous one.

A. useful

B. useful as

C. more useful

D. the most useful

Mary is ____________ than Ben in my class.

A. clever

B. so clever

C. cleverer

D. the cleverest

Nick is ______(happy) boy that I know.

A. happier

B. the happiest

C. happiest

D. happy

My new laptop is _________ yours.

A. more light than

B. lighter that

C. so light as

D. lighter than

The Mona Lisa is _________(famous) painting in the world.

A. famous

B. the most famous

C. more famous

D. most famous

This is the ______ shirt in the store.

A. expensivest

B. most expensive

C. most expensiver

D. more expensiver

Dark chocolate is …… than white chocolate.

A. healther

B. most healthy

C. healthier

John is not as _____________ as James.

A. short

B. shotter

C. shottest

That test was ___________ than the previous one last week.

A. difficult

B. so difficult

C. more difficult

D. the most difficult

I am _______ in my family.

A. funny

B. funnier than

C. the funny

D. the funniest

Katty Perry is ________________ Cita Citata (popular.)

A. populer than

B. more popular

C. popular

D. more popular than


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