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Comparison Degree & Gerunds Quiz


Her aunt has been cooking that sea food for three hours.

A. Participle

B. Gerund

The patient should avoid … cosmetics during the skin recovery.

A. To wear

B. Wearing

C. To wearing

D. Wear

Of the three sports cars, the red one is …

A. The most luxurious

B. More luxurious

C. Luxurious

D. Lux

Watching movie in this weekend makes me very happy.

A. Participle

B. Gerund

Our first tourist destination in Asia is … our next destination.

A. Farther than

B. The farther than

C. Farthest than

D. The farthest than

My father chooses … the promotion from his boss rather than finding a new job.

A. to accepting

B. accepting

C. accept

D. to accept

Susan decides … that she has commited a crime.

A. Confess

B. Confessing

C. Confessed

D. To confess

The merchant said that the price of the Indian carpet is a bit … than those of The Persian carpet.

A. Cheap

B. Cheaper

C. Cheapest

D. The Cheapest

The cakes bought by Anna are … what my mother bougth.

A. As tasty as

B. As taste as

C. Tasty like

D. So tasty than

My darling avoids meeting me since we had problem.

A. Participle

B. Gerund

It was cold and rainy yesterday, so we postponed .. the botanical gardens

A. going

B. go

C. went

D. to go

They admitted … us a towel outside the swimming pool.

A. Borrow

B. Borrowing

C. Borrows

D. Borrowed

The smartphone which she bought is … one in the promo.

A. The cheaper

B. The cheapest

C. Cheaper

D. Cheapest

I think that everyone likes watching movie.

A. Participle

B. Gerund

After my family had discussed about going to Singapore for 1 hour, we stopped … it.

A. to discuss

B. discuss

C. discussing

D. discussed

My … sister works as nurse while my younger brother is a lawyer in our country.

A. Old

B. Elder

C. Oldest

D. Eldest

Some players are drinking mineral water.

A. Participle

B. Gerund

The graphic shows that the sales in April is slightly … than sales in March.

A. Low

B. Lower

C. Lowest

D. The lowest


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