Grammar Quiz

Comperative and Superlative Quiz


Sara is _______ girl in class. 

A. the most clever

B. as clever as

C. the cleverest

D. more clever than

The English test was _________________ than the Maths test.

A. easy

B. easier

C. easiest

D. easyer

I am _____________ in Summer than in Winter.

A. happy

B. happyier

C. happyer

D. happier

I think butterflies are _________________ than birds.

A. beautiful

B. beautifuller

C. most beautiful

D. more beautiful

The blue dress is ______ than the yellow dress. (beautiful)

A. beautiful

B. more beautiful

C. most beautiful

D. beautifuller

I like hamburgers. They are even ____________ than cheeseburgers.

A. gooder

B. more good

C. better

D. best

Your bike is so dirty. It’s __________ than mine.

A. more dirty

B. dirtier

C. most dirty

D. dirtyer

The book is much _______ the film.

A. better than

B. better

C. more good

D. gooder than

I have had the _______________ day.

A. bad

B. worse

C. worst

D. baddest


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