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Compound and Complex Sentences Quiz


John asked the question, but he didn’t listen to the answer.

Which is true about this sentence?

A. It doesn’t need a comma.

B. It has just one subject.

C. It is a compound sentence.

D. It contains a subordinating conjunction.

Which sentence is a compound sentence?

A. Anna ate a large turkey sandwich before going to school.

B. When the movie started, the audience got quiet.

C. Sybil is able to calculate the median in math, she taught me how to do it.

D. Brenda went to the library, and she checked out twelve books about the Civil War.

Which of these is not a coordinating conjunction?

A. yet

B. after

C. so

D. and

The phone rang.

A. This is a simple sentence.

B. This is a compound sentence.

C. This is a complex sentence

FANBOYS is an acronym for what type of conjunction?

A. coordinating

B. correlative

C. subordinate

D. joining

She returned the computer after she noticed it was damaged.

A. This is a simple sentence.

B. This is a compound sentence.

C. This is a complex sentence.

Which is a complex sentence?

A. When I was a baby, my dad was in the army.

B. Although I was tired.

C. An adjective describes a noun.

D. A proper noun needs to be capitalized.

Which word is not a subordinating conjunction?

A. If

B. When

C. While

D. Summer

You may not catch the train if you do not hurry and pack.

A. Incorrectly punctuated

B. Correctly punctuated 

Which sentence is written correctly?

A. Hamin enjoys playing tennis, and baseball.

B. The referee blew the whistle, so the soccer game started.

C. Maria can go to the library or, she can go to the museum.

D. The students worked hard on their reports so everyone earned an A.

Which conjunction is needed to make this sentence correct?

Dante saved $120 from mowing lawns, _____ he bought a new tablet.

A. or

B. for

C. so

D. yet

The phone rang, but the driver didn’t answer.

A. This is a compound sentence.

B. This is a complex sentence.

C. This is a simple sentence.

When a subordinating conjunction is in the middle of a sentence, a comma is required.



Which of the following are dependent clauses?

A. If the band marches in the parade

B. When you purchase candy

C. Although it is snowing

D. All of the above

Which sentence is a correctly punctuated compound sentence?

A. I went to the movies with Charles and Ginny.

B. My mom went to the salon. She came home with short hair.

C. Trudy tells ridiculous jokes, and nobody likes them.

D. I bought crayons and markers to color my picture and it looked great and everybody liked it.

Which compound sentence is correct?

A. I went to the store, I got chips.

B. The storm brought heavy rain but, a tornado did the most damage.

C. I was tired I had to go to school anyways.

D. Everyone was busy, so I went bowling alone.

If you stay after school, I’ll prepare a snack.

A. Correctly written and punctuated

B. Not correctly punctuated

C. Almost correctly punctuated

D. None of the above

A subject tells who or what the sentence is about.



Which sentence shows a comma being used incorrectly?

A. Tyrell went bowling, and he scored 120 points.

B. Tina was stung by a bee, but she wasn’t allergic.

C. Kiley, Fiona, and I went to the store.

D. Jose went to the carnival, and rode the ferris wheel three times.

Although the phone rang, the driver didn’t answer.

A. This is a compound sentence.

B. This is a complex sentence.

C. This is a simple sentence.

A dependent clause is a complete thought.



Can relative pronouns start dependent clauses?

Relative pronouns are as follows:

(that, which, who, whom or whose)

A. Yes

B. No

Since you are my best friend I will be loyal to you always.

Where does the comma belong?

A. between friend and I

B. between you and are

C. between loyal and to

D. This is a correctly written and punctuated complex sentence.

Maribel is an excellent dancer and she knows all of the latest dance moves.

A. The sentence has no errors.

B. Put a comma after and.

C. Put a comma before and.

D. Put a semicolon before and.

Which sentence is an independent clause?

A. Jill likes to go to the beach.

B. Whenever you finish.

C. If you read The Outsiders.

D. Before you eat breakfast.


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