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Conditional and Subjunctive Quiz


If he _____ in town on business, we went out for lunch.

A. Was

B. Were

Which of the following phrases can be used instead of wish to describe an ideal or fanciful desire?

A. if so

B. if only

C. if possible

D. if hopefully

Which of the following sentences is correctly conjugated for a wish in the subjunctive mood?

A. “I wish I weren’t short.”

B. “I wish I wasn’t short.”

C. “I wish I won’t be short.”

D. “I wish I’m not short.”

If he ______ really sick, he would have a fever.

A. Was

B. Were

I _____ happy if my daughter called me twice a week once she left for college.

A. Was

B. Were

She was happy that I _____ able to come over on Wednesday.

A. Was

B. Were

My friend would be overjoyed if you _____ to visit him soon.

A. Was

B. Were

For a Situation in the present perfect tense, what verb tense would we use for a wish in the subjunctive mood?

A. present perfect continuous tense

B. past simple tense

C. past continuous tense

D. past perfect tense

Which auxiliary verb can we use when we express a desire about someone else’s behavior in the subjunctive mood?

A. will

B. could

C. would

D. should

If she _____ here today, she would be able to make the necessary corrections.

A. Was

B. Were

Which verb conjugates irregularly when describing wishes in the subjunctive mood?

A. be

B. can

C. will

D. have

Peter always made lunch if his girlfriend _____ at his home.

A. Was

B. Were


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