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Conditional Clause Quiz


“What are you going to do tomorrow?”

“If it _____ tomorrow, I think I’ll stay home.”

A. will rain

B. had rained

C. rained

D. rains

She ________ completely different if she cuts her hair.

A. look

B. looks

C. will look

The roof gets wet

A. if it will rain

B. if it doesn’t rain

C. if it rains.

If she knew the answer,

A. She would win the prize.

B. she will win it.

C. Maria would fix the prize.

If you ________ an apple every day, you’ll be very healthy.

A. eat

B. will eat

C. eats

If you heat the ice, it melts. This sentence contains ______ conditional.

A. First

B. Second

C. Third

D. Zero

If you pour oil on water, it _____.

A. will float

B. floats

C. should float

D. would have floated

I will go to the cinema if I _______ well in my English test.

A. will do

B. do

C. does

If you study well, you _____ get good marks.

A. Would

B. Should

C. Will

D. Could

A main clause is also known as ______

A. Dependent clause

B. Independent clause

C. Supporting clause

D. Helping clause

Find out the subordinating conjunction from the following.

A. And

B. If

C. So

D. But

Which clause has complete sense in it?

A. Main clause

B. Subordinate clause

C. Normal clause

D. Ordinary clause

If I ______ a teacher, I won’t punish my students.

A. Became

B. Become

C. Will become

D. Would become

If I ____ (be) a spider, I _____(weave) webs.

A. Am, will

B. Were, would

C. Was, would

D. Will, be

Should he telephone, _____ me a message.

A. left

B. leave

C. have left

D. have been left

You won’t pass the course if you ________.

A. don’t study

B. doesn’t study

C. not study

If I won a million dollars,

A. She would buy a new car.

B. I will buy a house.

C. I would buy a new car.

Do you mind if I _____ the window?

A. had been

B. will open

C. opened

D. open

If I were rich, I ______ offer money to you.

A. Will

B. Shall

C. Would

D. Can

The if-clause can come…

A. first only

B. second only

C. first or second

If I __________ a snake, I would be terrified.

A. saw

B. seen

C. see

call your doctor

A. if she feels sick.

B. if you will feel sick.

C. if you feel sick.

Which clause is known as dependent clause?

A. Subordinate clause

B. Main clause

C. Independent clause

D. None of the above

If I get sick, I will go to the doctor

A. Type 1

B. Type 2

If I __________ John, I’ll tell him.

A. would see

B. see

C. saw


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