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Conditional Clause Quiz


If you heat the ice, it melts. This sentence contains ______ conditional.

A. First

B. Second

C. Third

D. Zero

If I ….. million rupiahs, I would stop working.

A. win

B. won

C. winning

D. will win

I will go to Japan _____

A. if I have enough money

B. if I haves enough money

C. if I haved enough money

D. if I had enough money

If you …. hard, you would pass the exam.

A. study

B. studied

C. studies

D. studying

If I …. your address, I would come to your house

A. knew

B. know

C. known

D. knowing

If I were rich, I ______ offer money to you.

A. Will

B. Shall

C. Would

D. Can

If we ….. hard, we will get what we want

A. works

B. work

C. working

D. worked

If you ________ an apple every day, you’ll be very healthy.

A. eat

B. will eat

C. eats

The roof gets wet

A. if it will rain

B. if it doesn’t rain

C. if it rains.

Which clause is known as dependent clause?

A. Subordinate clause

B. Main clause

C. Independent clause

D. None of the above

She ________ completely different if she cuts her hair.

A. look

B. looks

C. will look

We use the second conditional for…

A. possible future situations

B. real and possible present situations

C. imaginary or hypothetical future situations

If I ______ a teacher, I won’t punish my students.

A. Became

B. Become

C. Will become

D. Would become

I would have answered the phone if I _____.

A. hadn’t been studying

B. don’t study

C. study

D. wouldn’t study

I will go to the cinema if I _______ well in my English test.

A. will do

B. do

C. does

you ……. a good life if you have a good job.

A. had

B. would have

C. have

D. will have

If I won a million dollars,

A. She would buy a new car.

B. I will buy a house.

C. I would buy a new car.

You won’t pass the course if you ________.

A. don’t study

B. doesn’t study

C. not study

if you worked hard, you ….. what you want

A. will get

B. will got

C. would get

D. would got

if she …. late, she would miss the school bus.

A. were

B. is

C. was

D. been

My mother ………. angry and punish me if I don’t study

A. would be

B. will be

C. is

D. is will

it …. easier to speak English if you have many vocabularies

A. will be

B. will

C. would be

D. would

if you ____ earlier, you would not miss the school bus.

A. came

B. come

C. comes

D. coming

If I have a ticket, I will go to the party

A. Type 1

B. Type 2

If I __________ John, I’ll tell him.

A. would see

B. see

C. saw


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