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Conditionals 1,2,3 Quiz


If I (wear) hat, I would look like an old woman.

A. wore

B. wear

C. will wear

D. would wear

If I have more time, I (learn) to play the guitar in the future.

A. learned

B. would learn

C. will learn

D. learn

If Sam (come), I will be surprised.

A. came

B. will come

C. comes

D. would come

If the sun (rise) high, it (become) very hot.

A. rises, will become

B. rises, becomes

C. rose, would become

D. rose, will become

If Maria (pass) all her exams, she (travel) to Europe next year.

A. will pass, would travel

B. passed, travelled

C. pass, travel

D. passes, will travel

What will we do if the taxi (not, arrive)?

A. doesn’t arrive

B. won’t arrive

C. wouldn’t arrive

D. didn’t arrive

If she (study) harder, she will get better marks.

A. studies

B. studied

C. will study

D. study

I am very busy. I (take) up a new hobby if I had free time.

A. will take

B. would take

C. took

D. take

Mr. Davis hasn’t won lottery. If he won a lottery, he (spend) all his money for his grandchildren.

A. would have spent

B. will spend

C. would spend

D. spends

If he (train) a lot, he would be a champion.

A. trains

B. will train

C. trained

If the weather had been fine, I _____(go) for a walk yesterday.

A. would go

B. would have gone

C. had gone

D. went

When the sun (go) down, it (get) dark.

A. goes, gets

B. goes, will get

C. went, would get

… he find a good job if he knew English?

A. would

B. does

C. did

D. will

I would have won the contest if I ______ (know) the answers.

A. had known

B. had knew

C. knew

D. would have known

E. would know

If I (be) you, I would donate my clothes to charity.

A. were

B. am

C. will be

D. was

He’d have forgotten about their anniversary if I ________ (not remind) him.

A. hadn’t reminded

B. didn’t remind

C. haven’t remined

D. wouldn’t remind

If I am hungry, I (get) something to eat tomorrow.

A. get

B. got

C. would get

D. will get

If you do not hurry, we (miss) the bus.

A. will miss

B. miss

C. would miss

D. missed

If we (know) more about history, we would not be afraid of the test.

A. knew

B. know

C. had known

D. have known

If I _______ (not lost) my purse, I’d have arrived to opera on time

A. hadn’t lost

B. didn’t lost

C. hadn’t losted

D. don’t lost

If my dad became a millionaire, I (live) in a castle.

A. would live

B. live

C. will live

D. lives

If it rains, we (stay) at home.

A. stay

B. stayed

C. will stay

D. would stay

If he (be) strong, he would lift this box. Unfortunately, he is not strong enough.

A. are

B. was

C. is

D. were

If I (live) near the sea, I would sunbathe every day.

A. live

B. lived

C. lives

D. will live

If she _____ (see) her aunt, she’d have told her the news.

A. had seed

B. has seen

C. had seen

D. would see


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