Grammar Quiz

Conditional Sentences Type 0, 1 and 2 Quiz


If Steven …. busy, he won’t talk to us.

A. is

B. isn’t

C. are

D. was

If the cat ….. in the tree, the dog…… it.

A. would hide, finds

B. will hide, finds

C. hides, won’t find

D. wouldn’t hide, found

If you ….. a second, I …. go with you.

A. waited, will go

B. wait, ‘ll go

C. waits, would go

D. wouldn’t wait, went

If we arrived earlier, we …… Norma’s presentation.

A. would saw

B. will see

C. are to see

D. ‘d see

We will call the police if she …. the money

A. didn’t find

B. doesn’t find

C. doesn’t finds

D. finds

The boys …….. play hockey if it rains.

A. will

B. won’t

C. wouldn’t

D. aren’t

If babies are hungry,

A. they cry.

B. they will cry.

C. they will be happy.

D. they will cook dinner.

Water … if you heat it up to 100ºC.

A. boils

B. boiling

C. boiles

D. will boil

He’d fix the car if he …. tools.

A. had

B. has

C. haven’t got

D. didn’t have

If you ….. a word, you look it up in a dictionary.

A. know

B. doesn’t know

C. don’t know

D. wouldn’t know

If you press this button, you ….. your computer.

A. switches off

B. will switch off

C. switch off

D. ‘d switch off

If I ….. you, I would tell him.

A. wasn’t

B. were

C. weren’t

D. was


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