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Conditional Tenses Quiz


If Roberto … some English, he … the job.

A. would’ve known – had got

B. knew – got

C. had known – would’ve got

He was in an accident. He wishes he … so fast.

A. didn’t drive

B. wouldn’t have driven

C. wouldn’t drive

D. hadn’t driven

If the room is dirty, we ____ (clean) it up.

A. shall clean

B. cleaned

If you _____ (dry) a flower in the sun, it makes a pretty ornament.

A. dries

B. dry

If you come at seven, my father _____ (be) at home.

A. will be

B. came

Karol wishes she ______ English perfectly.

A. can speak

B. can speaking

C. could speaking

D. could speak

John failed his test. He wishes he … harder.

A. studied

B. would study

C. had studied

If we don’t hurry, we ____ (miss) the bus.

A. misses

B. shall miss

I won’t talk to her ______ she apologizes to me.

A. unless

B. if

C. both

If you _____ (add) salt to the soup, it tastes better.

A. add

B. would add

I’m having a great time in England. I wish you … here.

A. would be

B. were

C. had been

If she … he was so mean, she … him.

A. knows – won’t marry

B. would’ve known – hadn’t married

C. knew – wouldn’t marry

D. had known – wouldn’t have married

You … the weekend if you … with us.

A. enjoyed – came

B. had enjoyed – had come

C. would’ve enjoyed – had come

D. had enjoyed – would’ve come

If he falls from that ladder, he _____ (hurt) himself.

A. hurts

B. will hurt

If she _____ (try) hard enough, she will win the prize.

A. try

B. tries

The mirror will break if she _____ (drop) it.

A. drops

B. dropped

We … if our best player … injured.

A. would have won – hadn’t been

B. had won – wouldn’t have been

C. won – would be

D. will win – have been

We _____ (not wait) for him if he arrives late.

A. shall not wait

B. shall

If you _____ (hide) it there, he will not be able to find it.

A. would hide

B. hide

You look great! I wish I … like you.

A. looked

B. had looked

C. would look

I know you would be a happy person now if you ___ a major in chemistry when you were young.

A. had done

B. did

C. would have done

D. were doing

If she ___ her train a few minutes ago, she would be in Cancún now.

A. had missed

B. didn’t miss

C. hadn’t missed

D. don’t miss

If we … the news last night, we wouldn’t have known about the strike.

A. didn’t see

B. haven’t seen

C. don’t see

D. hadn’t seen

If we … more time, we … another day in London.

A. would have – had spent

B. had had – would’ve spent

C. had – will spend

I wish you … quiet.

A. were

B. would be

C. had been


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