Grammar Quiz

Conditional Types Quiz


If I ____________ I would have my driving license

A. had studied

B. studied

C. study

D. have studied

You should see the doctor, if you________ bad

A. feel

B. felt

C. feeling

D. fall

Type 0

If you leave margarine under the sun, ………………………. .

A. it doesn’t change

B. it melts soon

C. it freezes in a short time

If you touch a fire,

A. you get burned.

B. I get tired.

C. we watch a movie and stay home.

If He _______ her, he would marry her.

A. know

B. knows

C. knew

D. known

If I __________ million dollars, I will go to japan

A. win

B. wins

C. won

D. winning

If they locked the door properly nobody _________ into their house

A. will break

B. would break

C. would broken

D. would breaking

I would __________ a millionaire now if I took that job

A. be

B. been

C. being

D. had been

If I __________ you, I _____________ to the police station and report it.

A. were you / would go

B. were you / would have gone

C. had been / would go

D. had been / would have gone

If you ________ it sooner, they ____________ it by now.

A. reported / would find

B. reported / might have found

C. had reported / would find

D. had reported / might have found

If I could have phoned you, I ………………. you what was happening.

A. would have told

B. would tell

C. told

D. will tell

If you……………………….. any problems, give me a ring.

A. will have

B. would have

C. had

D. have

The workers ___________ the road if they had had enough tools

A. build

B. built

C. would build

D. would have built

If I _________ the money, I __________ it, but I don’t.

A. had / will buy

B. had / would buy

C. have / will buy

D. have / would buy


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