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Bag costs Rp. 50.000. Shoes costs Rp. 60.000. The shoes are … than the Bag.

A. most expensive

B. more expensive

C. cheaper

D. cheapest

An elephant is … than a cat.

A. big

B. bigger

C. more bigger

D. the biggest

Giant got 89

Suneo got 78

Nobita got 90

Which of the following statement is true to compare the above data?

A. Giant is the smarter than Nobita.

B. Suneo is the smartest.

C. Nobita is the smartest.

D. Suneo is smarter than Giant.

Bag A is Rp. 15.000. Bag B is Rp.20.000. Bag C is Rp. 25.000.

Bag A is … of All

A. The cheapest

B. The most expensive

C. Cheaper

D. More expensive

I got 95 in English and 75 in Mathematic. I think Mathematic is … than English.

A. easier

B. more difficult

C. heavier

D. lighter

Honda runs 80 km per hour.

Suzuki runs 60 km per hour.

A. Honda runs faster than Suzuki.

B. Honda runs fast.

C. Honda runs more fast.

D. Honda runs as fast as Suzuki.

My mother is the _______________ person in my family.

A. beautiful

B. more beautiful

C. beautifulest

D. most beautiful

Borobudur is………….. temple in the world

A. bigger

B. big

C. the biggest

D. as big as

Lucy is the _____________ students in my class.

A. smartest

B. smarter

C. smart

D. the most smart

Farel studies ………than Tino

A. hardest

B. harder

C. more harder

D. most hardest

Snails are ……….. than horses.

A. slow

B. slower

C. slowest

D. most slowest

The magazine cost Rp. 5.000. The newapaper cost Rp. 6.000. The novel cost Rp. 11.000.

The magazine is … than the newspaper.

A. More expensive

B. expensiver

C. cheaper

D. cheapest

Rini is 10 years old. Tuti is 11 years old. Tina is 12 years old. Riri is … of All

A. The Youngest

B. The oldest

C. Younger

D. Older

I hope tomorrow will be …….than today

A. good

B. better

C. best

D. more good

The condition of COVID-19 patients become _______ than before.

A. bad

B. badder

C. worse

D. worst

Mathematic is the ……………subject for me

A. most difficult

B. more difficult

C. difficult

D. easier

Linda is as … as her sister.

A. beautiful

B. beautifully

C. more beautiful

D. most beautiful

my mom is 43 year old my dad is 47 year old

A. my mom is older than my dad

B. my dad is younger than mom

C. my dad is older than my mom

D. my mom and my dad is same year old

Dian’s jacket is Rp.325.000. Adzar’s jacket is 250.000. Dessy’s Jacket is Rp.275.000. It means Adzar has the . . . . . jacket among all.

A. more expensive

B. cheaper

C. most expensive

D. cheapest

Tara is 150cm. Tata is 150cm. It means, Tara is as . . . . . as Tata

A. tall

B. long

C. size

D. weight

Sandi is eight years old, Arya is nine, and Bani is ten. Bani is the…………

A. oldest

B. older

C. old

D. more old

Sam is ________________ than Jim.

A. handsome

B. more handsome

C. most handsome

D. hansomest

Hardi is 160 cm. Trias is 156 cm.

It shows that ….

A. Hardi is shorter than Trias.

B. Trias is taller than Hardi.

C. Hardi is as tall as Trias.

D. Hardi is taller than Trias.


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