Grammar Quiz

Ed and Ing Endings Quiz


The journey was ………………………..! Twelve hours by plane.

A. exhausting

B. exhausted

I come home extremely ….. at the end of each day.
A. tired
B. tiring

I’m …. Does our train leave at six-thirty or at seven-thirty?

a) confused

b) confusing

I’m __________ in your project on genetics.

A. interesting

B. interested

We are going in a helicopter? How….!

A. Exciting

B. Excited

He ___________ all over for his cat last week.

A. look

B. looked

C. looking

She looks __________. Is she okay?
A. depressing
B. depressed
C. depress

I’m very ________ with this situation. 
A. satisfying
B. satisfied
C. satisfy

I’m really … about my job. I think my new boss doesn’t like me.

a) worried

b) worrying

I’m going to go to Australia this month. I’m really …

A. excited

B. exciting

Did you hear the ……… news about the accident at Rama IV Bridge?

A. shocked

B. shocking

I was very … by the good news. We have a holiday next Monday!

a) pleased

b) pleasing

The teacher’s explanation was _____. The students didn’t understand it.

A. moved

B. moving

C. confusing

D. confused

Yesterday we _____________ games at the park.

A. playing

B. play

C. played

The journey was …… Twelve hours by bus.

A. Exhausting

B. Exhausted

My brother is the most _______ person in the world. I hate him. 
A. annoying
B. annoyed
C. annoy

That is very ________ too.

A. Bored

B. Boring

The dog is _____________ at the cat now.

A. barked

B. bark

C. barking

She __________ on a star last night.

A. wishing

B. wish

C. wished

My new job is extremely ……
A. tired
B. tiring

I’m really afraid of large spiders! I think they are ….

a) frightened

b) frightening

I find it _________ to lie on the sofa and listen to music after a hard day’s work
A. relaxed
B. relaxing

Sarah has made ……………… progress in her career.

A. amazed

B. amazing

Our new science teacher is very …… We sit there like mice!
A. frightened
B. frightening

The shark is ___________ too close to us!

A. swimmed

B. swimming

C. swim


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