Ed and Ing Endings Quiz


He is really cool. He always tells me _________ stories and jokes.

A. Amusing

B. Amused

We are going in a helicopter? How….!

A. Exciting

B. Excited

I was really ………………… when I fell over in the street.

A. embarrassing

B. embarrassed

I was __________ by his behaviour. He acted very poorly. 
A. disgusting
B. disgusted
C. disgust

This weather is ____ today.

A. depressing

B. depressed

Why do you always look so _____? Is your life really that bad?

A. amazed

B. amazing

C. worrying

D. worried

I was very … when I heard about what happened.

A. amused

B. amusing

John was … when he saw the dinosaur bones at the museum.

a) amazed

b) amazing

I was _____ with the movie. I had expected it to be better.

A. disappointing

B. disappointed

C. shocking

D. shocked

I find it _________ to lie on the sofa and listen to music after a hard day’s work
A. relaxed
B. relaxing

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