Grammar Quiz

Exclamation Quiz


____________ well they sing!

A. How

B. what a

C. How a

choose the correct answer

A. What difficult grammar is!

B. What difficult grammar!

C. What difficult grammar are!

____________ wonderful sight!

A. How a

B. What a

C. What an

D. How

Julio is ____________ good person!

A. so a

B. such an

C. such a

D. so

_____________ friendly they are!

A. How

B. What a

C. How an

________ beautifully you sing!

A. How

B. What

choose the correct answer

A. What a nice boy!

B. How a nice boy!

C. What nice boy!

Rewrite: ” These questions are very difficult!”

A. What a difficult questions!

B. What difficult questions!

C. How are difficult these questions !

Choose the correct answer

A. What a bad pen!

B. What bad a pen!

C. What a pen bad!

D. How a bad pen!

Rewrite: ” She speaks confidently.”

A. How confident she speaks!

B. How confidently she speaks!

C. What confidently she speaks!

choose the correct answer

A. How fun it is!

B. How fun is it!

C. What fun it is!

____________ wonderful writer!

A. What an

B. How

C. What a

D. How a

______________ ugly boy!

A. What a

B. What an

C. How an


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