Grammar Quiz

Family Vocabulary Quiz


My mother´s mother is my …

A. mother

B. sister

C. daughter

D. aunt

E. grandmother

Who is she?

Baby brother or Baby sister?

A. Baby brother

B. Baby sister

how do you say hermano in English?

A. Sister

B. Mother

C. Brother

My mother´s siste is my…

A. uncle

B. aunt

C. grandmother

My aunt`s sons are my….

A. cousins

B. nephew

C. niece

My brother`s son is my…

A. nephew

B. niece

C. daughter

My father´s father is my …

A. father

B. uncle

C. brother

D. son

E. grandfather

Who is he?

A. Mother

B. Father

C. Brother

D. Grandfather

Padre in Eglish is…

A. parent

B. fathers

C. father

plural of child.

A. Childs

B. Children

C. Childrens

My sister is married with her…

A. husband

B. brother

C. sister


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