First Conditional Quiz


My parents say they’ll buy my brother a motorbike if he _____ his exams.

A. passes

B. will pass

I _______ to bed early if I feel tired.

A. go

B. will go

If it_______, I______a jacket.

A. rains / am taking

B. will rain/ will take

C. rains / take

D. rains / will take

If I go to university next year, I _______ maths or chemistry

A. study

B. ‘ll

If they _______here, we_______to go home.

A. didn´t come / will have

B. do not come / will have

C. will come / have

D. don´t come/ had

If the weather ___________ good tomorrow, I’ll go for a run.

A. is

B. will be

If I _________my money now, I won’t be able to go out at the weekend

A. spend

B. ‘ll spend

She______the bus if she ______ soon.

A. miss / does not leave

B. is missing / won´t leave

C. will miss/ does not leave

D. mised / doesn´t leave

If it ________, I ________to the park.

A. rained/ will no go

B. rain/ went

C. rains/ won´t go

D. will go/ rain

I______to the party tonight, If I______ today.

A. will go / study

B. am going / study

C. will go / studied

D. went / will study


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