Grammar Quiz

First Conditional Quiz


You _____ an accident, if you _____ so fast.

A. have / will drive

B. might have / drive

If he keeps driving so fast, he _______ an accident.

A. will has

B. will have

C. has

If it_______, I______a jacket.

A. rains / am taking

B. will rain/ will take

C. rains / take

D. rains / will take

If you (not/want) ______ to go out, I (cook) ______ dinner at home.

A. do not want/will cook

B. do not want/cook

C. did not want/cooked

D. do not want/cooked

I will lend you my car if _______ to be careful with it.

A. you promise

B. you promises

C. you will promise

You will know what true love is as soon as you _____ it.

A. find

B. will find

C. may find

If the plane is delayed, she will _____ late

A. Were

B. Was

C. Been

D. Be

You ______ (to be) late if you ______ (not to hurry).

A. is/ won’t hurry

B. are/ don’t hurry

C. will to be/ don’t hurry

D. will be/ don’t hurry

If you try to jump over the river, you _________ into the water.

A. fall

B. ‘ll fall

If you _____ (not to want) to go out, I ______(to cook) dinner at home.

A. doesn’t want/ will cook

B. not want/ will cook

C. don’t want/ will cook

D. don’t want/ cook

If the phone …. broken, I will use it to call you.

A. does

B. doesn’t

C. is

D. isn’t

I______to the party tonight, If I______ today.

A. will go / study

B. am going / study

C. will go / studied

D. went / will study

I _____ go to France once I get the tickets

A. Have

B. Will

C. went

D. Was to

If it _____ (to rain), we _____ (to stay) at home.

A. rain/ will stay

B. will rain/ stay

C. rains/ will stay

D. will rain/ will stay

Peter _____ his exams if he _____ hard.

A. will pass / works

B. passes / will work

We will not be able to conclude the assignment by tomorrow , if we keep postponing the research work.

A. Yes

B. No

If they don´t train for the marathon….

A. , they will lose it.

B. they will lose it.

C. they lose it.

____________ shopping with me if you have some time?

A. Do you come

B. Will you come

C. Come you

She (take) _____ a taxi if it (rain) _____.

A. will take/rains

B. is taking/rains

C. took/rained

D. will take/rained

Simon will go to London next week if he………………… (get) a cheap flight.

A. got

B. get

C. gets

D. will get

Choose the correct option:

A. Michael won´t graduate, if he didn’t finish his paper.

B. Michael won´t graduate if he don´t finish his paper.

C. Michael won´t graduate if he doesn´t finish his paper.

D. Michael will not graduate if he won´t finish his paper.

Dad will wash his car in the afternoon if he ______ enough time.

A. have

B. has

C. will have

If it is sunny tomorrow…?

A. you will go to the beach

B. will you go to the beach

C. will you to go to the beach

What is a synonym of “if not”

A. Although

B. Since

C. Unless

D. No

_______ if I press this button?

A. Is the machine start

B. Will the machine start

C. Does the machine starts


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