Grammar Quiz

First Conditional Quiz


I _________________ (not buy) the camera if it’s very expensive.

A. will not buy

B. won buy

C. don’t buy

D. doesn’t buy

Complete the question

If it is sunny tomorrow…?

A. you will go to the beach

B. will you go to the beach

C. will you to go to the beach

If she ________ the dinner, He _____ the dishes

A. will cook/ washes

B. cooks/ will wash

When the sentence starts with the “If clause…” it is necessary to add a comma after it.



They (go) ______ to the party if they (be) ______ invited

A. will go/are

B. go/are

C. will go/are going to be

D. went/were

If you _____ (call) me, I _____ (help) you with your English homework.

A. call , help

B. call , will help

C. Calls , will help

If she _____ (to come) back late, our mother _____(to be) angry.

A. will come/ be

B. will come/ is

C. come/ will be

D. comes/ will be

If you______ back late, I (be) angry.

A. get, will am

B. get, will be

C. got , will be

If you _____ more, you _____.

A. don’t practice / won’t improve

B. won’t practice / don’t improve

If he _____ to the party, i _______ surprise

A. comes/ be

B. come/ will be

C. comes/ will be

We ______(to help) her as soon as she ______(to ask) us.

A. will help/ ask

B. help/ will ask

C. will help/ asks

D. help/ ask

If John _____ (not to keep) his word, his father _____ (to be angry) with him.

A. won’t keep/ be

B. don’t keep/ is

C. doesn’t keep/ will be

D. not keep/ will be

If I ________, i _______ my exam

A. study, will pass

B. studies, will pass

C. will pass/ study

If I _____ (find) a beach this summer, I will _____ (go) there.

A. finds , go

B. found , go

C. find , go

How will you celebrate if you _____ the exams?

A. might pass

B. will pass

C. pass

I _____ some takeaway this evening if I _____ work late.

A. have / ‘ll finish

B. ‘ll have / finish

If you practice English at least 1 hour a day

A. you will be fluent in 2 years.

B. you be fluent in 2 years.

they ______ pizza if the children ______ exercise

A. will eat/ does

B. will eat/ do

C. do/ will eat

If she fixes the TV,

A. she will watch her favorite TV program tonight.

B. she may will watch her favorite TV program tonight.

If I _______________ (go) out tonight, I _______________ (go) to the cinema.

A. go- will goes

B. go- will go

C. will go- go

D. will go- goes

If Peter…..on the sofa, his sister….next to him.

A. will sit, sits

B. sits, will sit 

C. sit, will sits

If she ________enough money, she _______a new smart phone

A. has/ buys

B. have/ will buy

C. has/ will buy

If I get los, I … you.

A. won´t phone

B. phones

C. phone

D. will phone

If there … a blizzard, traffic will be in a mess.

A. is

B. will

C. will be

D. are

_______________________, they will miss their flight.

A. If they won’t get up early

B. If they not get up early

C. If they don’t get up early


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