Formal & Informal Words Quiz


Informal word for due to

A. job

B. because of

C. requirements

Informal word for good-bye

A. cheerio

B. swot

C. ta

Formal word for get down

A. board

B. alight

C. entrain

Formal word for bucks

A. dollars

B. seats

C. coins

Formal word for buy

A. board

B. purchase

C. get

Informal word for in the near future

A. hello

B. soon

C. have

Clipping for refrigerator

A. freezer

B. freeze

C. fridge

Formal word for ta

A. bye

B. hello

C. thanks

Shortening for words

A. monosyllabic

B. clippings

C. scale

informal word for children

A. offsprings

B. kids


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