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Future Passive Quiz


We will give food to poor families.

A. Food will be given to poor families.

B. Food won’t be given to poor families.

We will not close hospitals.

A. Hospitals won’t be closed.

B. Hospitals won’t closed.

Pollution will reduced by us.

A. Right

B. Wrong

New companies will be helped.

A. Right

B. Wrong

It ________ (not finish) until next October.

A. won’t be finished

B. won’t finished

C. won’t be finish

Will people who can’t swim ______ (give) lessons?

A. be given

B. given

We will build new schools.

A. New schools will be build.

B. New schools will be built.

A new swimming pool _______ (build) in our town next year.

A. will be build

B. will be built

C. will build

D. will built

The site for the new building will _____ chosen next month.

A. been

B. being

C. be

The site for the new building will be _____ next month.

A. choose

B. chooses

C. chosen

D. chose

We will put more policemen on the streets.

A. More policemen will be put on the streets.

B. More policemen won’t be put on the streets.

We will not increase taxes.

A. Taxes will not be increased.

B. Taxes will be increased.

We will protect trees and parks!

A. Trees and parks will be protected by us!

B. We will be protected by trees!


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