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Future Perfect Continuous Quiz


_ you have been driving fast?

A. Won’t

B. Will have

C. Shell

D. Do

Tomorrow I ____ (read) this book for 6 months!

A. will not have been reading

B. will have been reading

C. will had been reading

He ____ (not read) the newspaper before he finishes his coffee.

A. wiil have read

B. won’t have read

C. will have been reading

 By the end of June I _ in this flat for thirteen years.

A. will been living

B.   will have been living

C. will have been selling

D. will had been living

You ______ money for 50 years.

A. will be saving

B. will have been saving

C. will have being saving

D. will have saving

I don’t think we’ll ever finish. At 8 o’clock, we ____ (work) for 12 hours and there is still a lot to do!

A. Will have been worked

B. will had been working

C. will have been working

Will she _ been traveling to New York?

A. have

B. has

C. had

D. does

They (watch) TV all day.

A. Will had been watched

B. will not have been watchin

C. will have been watching

you in the application by tomorrow?

A. will ___ have filled

B. Are

C. Will not ___ have

In half an hour she (work) for six hours without a break.

A. will have been working

B. will had been working

C. will not have been work

They won’t have been ____ for over a year.

A. traveling

B. been

C. traveling

D. saved

You _ have been watching TV.(negative)

A. will

B. shall

C. wil not

D. won’t

In two months I (teach) English at this school for ten years.

A. will not have been teaching

B. will have been teaching

C. will had been teaching

Will she _ crying for an hour when I calm her down?

A. have being

B. had been

C. has been

D. have been

Next week you (live) in your new house for a year.

A. will had been living

B. will not have been living

C. will have been living

This is an example of a stative verb.

A. eat

B. exercise

C. belong

D. write

He’ll have been _ dinner for two hours.

A. preparing

B. cooked

C. eaten

D. serve

As of tomorrow, we ____ (be) here for one month.

A. will have been

B. will not have been

C. will had been

My friends (lie) on the beach all holiday.

A. will have been lying

B. will have been lived

C. will not had been living

How long will you _ when you graduate?

A. have being studying

B. have been studying

C. will be studying

D. have been studyng

This is an example of a stative verb.

A. like

B. work

C. live

D. sleep

By 2020, she ____ (study) English for 10 years.

A. will have been studying

B. Have been studied

C. Had been studying

In 15 minutes we ____ (look) for flights for 3 hours.

A. will had been look

B. will not have been looking

C. will have been looking

How long you in that house when you move next week?

A. Are

B. will___ had been living

C. will ____have been living


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